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Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen

The Manhattan Dinner Mystery

5/6/2012 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_woody_videoLook out Scarlett Johansson ... Woody Allen has a new buxom, young muse in his sights ... and that muse is Lindsay Lohan.

The unlikely duo was spotted out in NYC last night at fancy-schmancy Philippe restaurant -- and we're told this isn't their first spin on the friendship bicycle.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Allen and Lilo have been friends for years now and he's one of her biggest supporters -- never jumping on the judgment bandwagon.

We're told there are no projects officially on the books right now, BUT sources tell us they've been throwing around the idea of Lindsay being in one of Allen's future films -- which would be huge for Lilo, since his last flick, "Midnight in Paris," was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards.

We're also told Lindsay has nothing but respect for the quadruple Oscar-winning director and would LOVE to work with him.

Um .. duh.


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Buddy The Elf    

She needed a free meal and took advantage of the Blow-For-Food program.

899 days ago

Chief Gall    

Don't believe this for ONE(1) SECOND!!!! Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan are NOT friends. Woody can't stand Lindsay. I know from a friend of Vikram's in NYC who was at the restaurant that Lindsay approached Woody and he rolled his eyes and turned his back to her and Lindsay started crying HYSTERICALLY so Woody felt sorry for her and let her sit down with him for less than five(5) minutes. And then Woody asked her to leave and she started yelling and crying and the owner and a couple of waiters came over and grabbed Lindsay's arms and escorted her out as she kicked and screamed and cried!!!! This REALLY happened. If you don't bel ve this, you're STUPID!!! And Lindsay will never make a movie with Woody Allen and she will never make the Liz movie because she is strung out on booze and dope every single day. Look at those photos from last night. Any human who thinks she's just mugging for the camera is just plain STUPID!!! She's coked and boozed!!! ABSOLUTELY!!! You don't need any proof. You just know because haters always know. Haters just know FOR CERTAIN!!! And she will never make a comeback because the whole world hates Lindsay Lohan. Her Twitter followers are purchased by Vikram and Honig. And believe me, most of the people are major pizzed off about being put on Lindsay's Twitter and numerous lawsuits are being filed right now. Haters on gossip sites ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT QUESTION REPRESENT THE MAJORITY, MAJORITY, MAJORITY!!! EVERY HUMAN BEING ON PLANET EARTH HATES Lindsay Lohan. She has no fans at all and she's going to JAIL!!!!!! Ya know that fool Red Cloud? He sure is dumb, right?

899 days ago


Again, "Lindsay has nothing but respect for..." THIS PIECE OF TRASH RESPECTS NO ONEEEEEE But thats ok, it won't be long before she burns Woody too. She was probably asking him for a loan. Good luck getting it back Woody!

899 days ago


I'm firmly in the camp of believers who think Blohan found out Woody was having dinner with his family, went to said restaurant, went into the ladies room, snorted a 1/2 a gram while waiting for the family to finish dinner, and after the family got up to leave, followed them out to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE she ate with them! Total 'Lohan' move, she did the same to Rob Pattinson at a club not too long ago. She's ALMOST getting good at this. LOL

899 days ago


Of course Lohan speed dials tmz with this.

899 days ago


She looks more like Betty Davis from "Baby Jane"

899 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Guess dinner with Woody did not go well......

"Oh, Woody. I've always wanted to work "on set" with you. My Mom says to talk about my salary first".

"What?!! You want MONEY?!!! QUAAAAAACKquackquackquackquack........."

Who knew?

899 days ago


Lohan does tend to force herself on people who want nothing to do with her. Nothing embarrasses this moron. If she does get a photo it's only because they are being polite and no other reason.

Remember the gotti photo with Travolta he looked totally disgusted in that photo with her.

899 days ago


Moe like Lohan STALKED him. Woody didnt look to happy, he laughed at her paying, she mooched dinner
Woody is NOT hiring her. Doors have been slamming in her face all over manhattan.

899 days ago


Woody is into kinky sex and Lohan is for hire!

899 days ago


There was NO dinner with Woody, that was a set up pap shot for Blohan to make a quick buck! Poor Woody, he couldn't scamper away quick enough from that STD laden SLAG. You know its bad when even Woody won't 'go there'. LMFAO

899 days ago


No one will hire a HOMELESS actress

899 days ago


She just finished tossing his salad.

899 days ago


Woody doesn't look thrilled at all. Did they actually have dinner together or did she sandbag him while he was having dinner?

Lohan couldn't wait to be able to use her passport again so why isn't she overseas looking for work. Oh thats right no one want's to hire her over there either.

899 days ago

Red Cloud    

What is it with some of you clowns here??? This is NOT in any way shape or form proof that Lindsay is wasted. How do you know she's not just having fun and putting one over on haters, a very easy thing to do!!! Oh wait, she's not alIowed to have a little crazy fun. What a terrible thing. Absolutely a good enough reason to despise the woman. She' mugging for the camera. What a jerk!!!
I would bet $$$ she's NOT wasted in this photo. Good grief, you people are DELUSIONAL!!!!


899 days ago
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