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I'm Buying a DUNGEON

With Masturbation Money

5/6/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has deep, dark plans for the money she's earning with her new solo masturbation video -- telling TMZ, she wants to buy a "dungeon" with the cash ... to keep her and her 14 kids safe from the prying eyes of the public.

Of course, "dungeon" is a metaphor -- what Nadya Suleman means is she wants to buy a house that's far away from everything ... preferably in a low-key gated community ... where she can "hide."

Octo was on her way into Makeup Mandy in West Hollywood this week -- to get a spray tan for her big shoot -- and she told us, "The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family."

Octo wouldn't comment on how much she's getting paid for the gig -- but she did say she's extremely nervous. That makes 6 billion of us.


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Proves this woman is delusional...she's filing for bankruptsy, she won't be buying a house for a LONG time!

898 days ago


Again, come on TMZ, get some class. This woman needs professional help. Take a stand and don't write about anyone this pathetic.

898 days ago


Nadia is immature and defiant. Whoring herself out to the media, trashing her residence, showing herself unable to teach her children how to care for self and property and failing to reimburse people for money she owes them while paying $500 for a hairstyle, continue to prove she's not proving a stable environment for her children. She's irresponsible in every way.
The last thing her children need is to be taunted at school about something else--this time something so horrible as their mother playing with her privates in front of a camera.
Nadia has had many chances to show that she's a great mother. Sadly, her continuous failure to do so is going to cost the children a childhood with their siblings.
Nadia's train wreck is going to change things very soon.
God bless her children.

898 days ago

Oh well    

Wouldn't the money from this have to go to pay down the debt? Surely the system is not that screwed up.

898 days ago

Soiled Midget Panties    

6 billion? Earths population is 7 billion and up, meat heads!

898 days ago


Octomoron juust a few problems one being bankruptsy 2 finance 3 a gated comunity you can afford living off the taxpayers.

898 days ago


I wonder if she'd retire if someone paid her 10 or 15 million all at once. Just buy a ranch in Kansas or somewhere away from the cameras. I think she has become addicted to the attention-even negative attention. Sad...

898 days ago


This stupid woman needs to grow the **** up. This is all her fault nobody told her to have so many children. She is a selfish and disgusting person and those poor children need to be taken away from her as shes not a a responsible and good mother. They are the ones suffering because of her stupid actions. Doing porn shows how vile she really is I dont care if I was really poor I would never do any porn. She obviously made a lot of money from using those poor children with those interviews and magazine shoots and just spent it all on herself. She makes me sick.

898 days ago


I have a great idea for you why don't you find a way to get octomoron a house in your neighborhood so you can get the porn stories on her quicker. With an added bounus of Mike walters at your house with a pair of Binoculars.

898 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

well It must be nice to be able to buy a house while tax payers carry the burden of paying to feed and clothe your kids . Seriously who the hell says "well i am making enough money right now so i can afford a five hundred dollar hair" and then files for bankruptcy the next day, she is a freekin liar

898 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

I want to be just like Octomom....oh, hold on can't, I have common sense....LOL

898 days ago


This thing wants the media to quit calling her octo mom so can we start a facebook page to rename her i would like to start it with either Octo Moron or Octo Slut. Keep the names comming.

898 days ago

just my opinion    

i feel very sorry for her future neighbors. id be extremely upset if i worked hard all my life to buy a home and upkeep it, only for someone who allows their FOURTEEN children to spray paint the home and damage other parts of the property moved right next door. there's really no justice in the universe. someone on welfare who does ONE masturbation video can now get a home in a gated community. FML.

898 days ago


Who wants to see that? She pushed 8 kids from there. Not to mention the rest.

898 days ago


Gated communities have homeowner associations so she will be bombed with complaints and penalities.

898 days ago
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