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Mila Kunis

Alleged Stalker Strikes

... Again

5/7/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The Mila Kunis stalker
A homeless man tailed Mila Kunis to a gym Friday -- a man who law enforcement says is a stalker -- and he was detained after Kunis' security sounded the alarm.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, the man is being investigated by authorities but there was not sufficient evidence to arrest him so he was freed -- but he could be arrested once the investigation is completed.

We do not know how many prior incidents Kunis has had with this individual, but we're told there is a history.

As for Friday's incident ... Kunis hid in her Range Rover until cops arrived.


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Michelle Foxx    

He has no home and clearly no life!

898 days ago

Pepsi Chick    

I can tell you if this guy touches one head on her head there will be heck to pay, Everybody loves Mila and if something happened to her there would be outrage.

898 days ago


How scary that she had to HIDE in a car from this guy. Lock people like him up and throw away the key. Nobody should have to live in fear.

898 days ago


Get a home gym. Lay low.

898 days ago


Macaulay Culkin really needs to move on with his life.

898 days ago


Maybe I don't see it, but if he is homeless, exactly how are they going to find him to arrest him? Time for the police to throw these nut jobs in the slammer before someone gets hurt.

898 days ago

BB not bb    

The guy is homeless so he probably needs something interesting to occupy himself with. Then he sees a famous actress and decides to follow her. That is what TMZ does also, follow people who are famous and seem interesting. This doesn't mean that he is dangerous. I say give him a break until he does something questionable.

What about Pauly D's stalker? She was just a big fan trying to enjoy her summer. At least he didn't have her arrested. I think some stars have to get over themselves and lighten up. Maybe if she just smiled at him and said hi, he would have felt like he got the thrill he wanted and then went off to do something else.

I think that is how Pauly handled it. He said hi and chatted with his stalker and she admitted she just really like him and just wanted to be around him a bit. Not everyone is a derranged murderer. Maybe this is Taxi Driver syndrome.

898 days ago


I have a case of Boneritis for Mila Kunis. Maybe the stalker has it as well....He lives on the streets it is easy to contract all kinds of diseases. Luckily I have the cure with watching re-runs of that 70's show, but this Poor man does not have a TV!!!! Get him a TV!!! It is the only cure known at this time.

898 days ago

Big D    

All Mila Kunis has to do is give the word and I will volunteer to be by her side day and night for her protection.

898 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

FYI... never turn over stalker without first making sure he falls down a few flight of stairs, gets thrown out of a window, or has a few scratches on his face that won't heal for two weeks. I mean come on... what kind of a security team do you have that has to call on police to protect you? They're paid to punch peoples light's out. Not to be a phone jockey.

898 days ago


Every female celebrity should know about and learn about Rebecca Schaeffer and her "alleged" stalker.

898 days ago


You have to say that a person who supposed to be crazy for stalking is not actually crazy when they stalk someone who's attractive. Like Gary Busey who will never have a stalker and other stars who have a horrible external appearance will never have stalkers.

898 days ago

Billy Bob    

Dammit woman, BUY A GUN!!

897 days ago

Big G    

This could get bad, need to act on this fast.

897 days ago

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