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'The Avengers'

Shawarma Sales


5/8/2012 12:40 AM PDT UPDATED: 5/7/2012 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You may not have realized it when you were in the theaters this weekend, but "The Avengers" is not a movie ... it's a guerrilla marketing campaign for the shawarma industry!!! We'll explain ...

At the end of the "film," a scene within the credits shows the movie's stars eating lunch at an undisclosed location (not a secret lair or anything, they just didn't say). The meal of choice was shawarma ... a callback to something Robert Downey Jr.'s character had said earlier in the movie.

TMZ spoke with several different fine eating establishments all across Los Angeles ... and they all say sales of shawarma went through the roof this weekend.

At Ro Ro's Chicken -- a famed Lebanese joint in Hollywood -- the manager says shawarma sales jumped 80% in the days after the movie opened. We're told the same thing happened a few years back when a baba ghanouj joke was featured in "You Don't Mess with the Zohan."

And that's the last time we'll mention "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" ever again.


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You are saying people respond to advertisement? Go on

897 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

shawarma is so good especially beef/lamb gyros if the place is good

897 days ago

My Big Salami    

My wife has been serving me "Shawrama" for years but we just call it Hamburger Helper.....

897 days ago


Losing all hope in humanity.

897 days ago


You guys should take the same stance on the Kardashians as you do for the Zohan.

897 days ago


You don't think Mr. Downey has started a shawarma franchise and is about to cash in, do you?

897 days ago


This is what WRITING A GOOD SCRIPT to go along with the action in an action movie like this will get you ... record breaking movie ticket sales! Bravo to the script writers and the director of this movie.

All the actors did a great job too. I've been a big Robert Downey fan for a long time and he did another great job acting like he usually does. Robert Downey is one helluva "comeback story" after all of his drug problems about 10 years ago. He's at the very top of the "A list" now.

When a classic superhero action movie targeted to teenagers and young adults is getting "A+" ratings from professional movie critics you know your movie is going to be a box office smash hit. This is a summer movie that is well worth the price of the ticket. Go see it this weekend if you haven't already. Heck, go watch several times. I hear you can watch it at IMAX huge screen theaters too.

897 days ago


I think you meant to say Baba Ganoush, not Baba Ghanouj :-)

897 days ago


Someone will be in trouble for posting a still picture from the bootleg dvd copy of the avengers. I just hope you don't care when someone uses your copywrited material to make money.

897 days ago


I had the best shawarma ever in LIFE while in Amman, Jordan. If you ever get the chance to visit you must go to Reem shawarma shop. It's a complete hole in the wall serving some of the best food I've ever eaten anywhere.

897 days ago


they were talking about eating shawarmas in'd think they're sky rocket in ny

897 days ago


I became addicted to shawarmas when I lived in Amsterdam. I've never not been disappointed when I've ordered one here in the states so I stopped trying. If someone can tell me where I can find one like the ones in Amsterdam with all those yummy sauces, I'll be there!

897 days ago


Shawarma is so good but my favorite Lebanese Grill serves it with lots of grilled vegetables.

897 days ago

Danni b    

In the UK we call this a Donner Kebab. Famous for helping the drunks soak up the alchohol before going home after a good night put. Delicious

897 days ago


I recently seen the movie and heard the reference made by tony stark in the movie but during the whole movie and after the credits I did NOT see this scene. Was this in real life that the cast members ate there??? Please advise.

897 days ago
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