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John Travolta

Claims 2nd Masseur

Is ALSO Lying

5/8/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta's lawyer is lashing out at the second "anonymous" male masseur who's accused the actor of sexual harassment -- calling the 2nd claim "just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one."

Travolta's powerhouse attorney, Marty Singer, just released a statement in response to a report that a second accuser filed legal docs claiming Travolta grabbed his genitals and masturbated during a massage session on January 28th at an unidentified Atlanta spa resort.

Singer calls the new allegations "absurd and fictional" ... and says they're "just as fabricated" as the claims made by John Doe #1 in the initial lawsuit filed May 4th.

Singer also blasts the lawyer who's representing both accusers -- claiming the attorney obviously read media reports which poked holes in accuser #1's story ... and then made adjustments when asserting claims on behalf of the 2nd alleged victim.

We've put in multiple calls to the lawyer who filed the claims -- but he has yet to return our calls.

Marty Singer's Official Statement:

"This second 'anonymous' claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one. 

The attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of his second anonymous client, who does not want to disclose his name although he is required to do so, was notified that his first client’s claims were totally false and fabricated, since our client was not in LA when anonymous “Doe #1” claims he interacted with John Travolta.
That fact is easily provable since John Travolta was on the east coast working on a movie on the date that anonymous “Doe #1” claims he interacted with our client.  After we were able to establish that anonymous “Doe #1’s” claims were totally absurd, the same attorney has now filed a claim on behalf of another plaintiff, whom he identified as “Doe #2.”  Significantly, although the same attorney made the fabricated claim for Doe #1, there was never any claim made by anonymous Doe #2 before he filed his specious lawsuit.
Before the attorney for the two anonymous plaintiffs filed the claim on behalf of the second person who refuses to disclose his identity although required to do so, it is obvious that he checked media reports that my client was in Atlanta working on a movie.  
However, the claim by Doe #2 is just as fabricated as the claim by Doe #1.  Our client will be fully vindicated in court on both of these absurd and fictional claims."

No Avatar


again? i smell smoke!

861 days ago


I'm a Travolta fan, but I believe the accusers, sad to say. The first one offered very specific details that would be easy to disprove. Sad--I do believe them.

861 days ago


Im sure L.Ron and your Scientologist peeps will support you...NOT

861 days ago


Should end up as a class action lawsuit, bodies left at every movie location for decades

861 days ago


John you know you were born straight, but decided to buy yourself homosexual behavior to be cool in Hollywood.

861 days ago


It's nice to see that the truth about Travolta is finally coming out.
I remember watching something years ago that had Matt Stone and Trey Parker from South Park talking about how when they first came to Hollywood and started going to celebrity parties, they couldn't believe how half the town was secretly gay to the public but had no problem showing it in front of other celebrities. They specifically brought up Travolta several times.
I've read other rumors about him since then. I'm surprised it's just now coming out really.

861 days ago


For Christ's sake get a favicon.

861 days ago

david 183    

sounds like trouble

861 days ago

No comment    

I understand in criminal sexual assault cases why the victim gets to remain anonymous in court do***ents. I do NOT understand why someone making these kind of claims can remain anonymous for a civil case where all they want is money. They can destroy his reputation by these claims, and according to the first court do***ents there is no physical evidence or testimony to support these claims.

861 days ago


well some folks in Palm Springs, know for sure about his request for male masseur at 4 star hotels, booking up to 4 hrs for male massage.

861 days ago


makes me wonder if this is true, would these guys have sued a non-wealthy guy, or just gone along with their request?
also tmz, a "masseur" is male.

861 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Look...sexual harassment? What does that mean? I'm not saying it didn't happen, I don't know, but if somebody sexually assaulted me, I'd call the cops.

861 days ago


Is this going to be another Tiger Woods where they are start coming out of the wood work. I love John Travolta and its ok if you are gay!!!

861 days ago

No comment    

Harvey, how 3rd grade of your site to censor the word doc-u-ments. The word sex and sexual are not censored.

861 days ago


True or not, it's not right that these d-bags can sue and not have to put their name on the lawsuit. If they want to make these claims their name should be on there as clearly as Travolta's.

861 days ago
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