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John Travolta

Accusers' Lawyer Says

More Masseurs Will Sue

5/9/2012 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The lawyer for the 2 masseurs suing John Travolta for sexual assault says other masseurs have come forward with similar stories and some of them will join the lawsuit.

Okorie Okorocha, who reps John Doe #1 and John Doe #2 (he says he's kept their true identities secret because they're victims of sex crimes) claims he tried settling the case involving Doe #1 discretely, telling Travolta's lawyers they could go to a private judge and keep everything confidential, but he says they shut him down.


Okorocha also says Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, is off base when he says Travolta was not in L.A. on January 16 -- the date the first incident allegedly occurred.  Okorocha says during their initial discussions, Travolta's lawyers conceded the actor was in L.A. on the date in question.


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Jay W.     

It can't be true. "Barbarino" likes men... c'mon

863 days ago


Big shock...

863 days ago


Who did Travolta piss off? These guys on their own don't have the doe or power to pull this off. Tho travolta being gay is not news and perhaps even a bully is not surprising why now? I believe this could be a gay Tiger Woods scandal. And as far as Scientology maybe they are doing it to "purify " him of his gayness.

863 days ago


These rumours have been going on for years!!!!! Where there is smoke....There is fire.

Because he is a celebrity, he can't have desires or a hidden life like a lot of regular people do???
Come on already! A lot of these celebrities are no angels and have lifestyles like a lot of regular people do. It just so happens some can manage to keep it more on the downlow,

863 days ago


Smoke... FIRE!

863 days ago


so, John Travolta is a gay pilot. Wow. Big news.

863 days ago


There is a lot of smoke with Travolta but he deserves the claims been met with some scepticism because of how serious they are, If he is a closeted homosexual or bi-sexual it's tragic for his wife too. If he is gay he's successfully covered it up in the media for some time which would suggest he's really good at covering stuff up. Which makes risky behaviour such as Craigslist 'massages' seem all the more like, deep down, he wants to be caught. This isn't browsing gay porn at home. But I can't believe the accusations until there's more proof, given the seriousness of the accusations. If he settles the cases against him far worse off, IMHO.

863 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Now it's just getting ridiculous. The only person who's going to win is lawyer man.

863 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Poor Kelly. This is coming like a freight train and let's face it. The accuser's description of the incident and John's behavior sure sounds like the mischievous character we have seen in him in the many roles he's played. It just sounds like him and I don't even know him. Imagine Kelly's confusion and suspicion. For the sake of her, Ella and Ben, I hope this is all lies in the hopes of a big pay day. But I am starting to wonder. Does he have that kind of watch Kelly? Hmmm.

863 days ago


I don't care for Travolta.. but I think that this is a huge ploy to get money. It's pretty common. One person makes up a lie after giving a celeb a massage, claims sexual harassment... sees it as an easy way to make money. Then some others come out and say... hey.. he did that to me too.. give me some money too.

863 days ago


If true were is the proof? Is this going to turn into a Michael Jackson circus.

863 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Do they have juries at these things? Because if I was on one, I'd have a big problem with fact that none of the accusers contacted police. Come on, if you just bring as civil case, you don't want justice, you just want money.

863 days ago


I am so sick of money hungry idiots making stuff up to cash in. The only thing worse is the lawyers willing to represent them. Disgusting and I hope Johns lawyers countersuit until these losers are homeless.

863 days ago


If they are NOT in it for the money and were actually assaulted then file a criminal complaint - otherwise they are insulting people who have been assaulted and are only looking for a paycheck........

863 days ago


I knew this was going to happen. Travolta did this too many times. Pretty soon his lawyer is going to sound like Jerry Sandusky's. "Everyone is making this up, etc...."

863 days ago
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