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Barack Obama

Honored with Fried

Chicken and Waffles

5/10/2012 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Obama special at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles
Barack Obama has just become the first sitting President in American history to have a menu item named after him at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles -- talk about a historic week!!

The legendary chicken joint officially renamed a menu item after Obama after the Commander-In-Chief chowed down on the famous 3-wing "Country Boy" special back in October.

At the time, the owners claimed they would NOT rename the item after Obama ... in fairness to Reagan and Nixon, who were also regulars ... but don't have any items named after them.

Guess the Roscoe's people had a change of heart ... 'cause the Country Boy is OUT and "Obama's Special" is in ... for $8.90.

Yes they did.


No Avatar

Oh well    

Thats enough for me not to eat there.

803 days ago


Historic week? What has he done for anyone straight?

803 days ago


This is nothing more than Obama political spin. Joe Biden doing the public political token apology.

Obama endorses gay marriage. Sounds good for re-election votes hell he even used his kids to try and sound sincere. Nothing but token and hollow.

Right off the bat. Obama blows it back to each state. It's up to each state like it's always been. Obama won't do a thing. He never had any intension of doing anything.

Hey sounds good for re-election votes. But will go no where.

803 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

They should make the price $6.90 in deference to O's "down low mo' alter ego, or is the "Captain Hate America" act his real ''alter ego'' and the Mo is his REAL ONE? I pick Door number 2 Monty or whoever the hell does that show "Let's make a deal"..../

803 days ago


@ chi nick.

problem is we don't have a door #3. who ever has the most money get's to be president qualified or not.

803 days ago


hahhaha forgot the purple kool-aid, but now that I think about it forget stupid Obama!!!

803 days ago


Three wing Obama dinner.

First wing represents him supporting gay marriage in the 90's.
Second wing for when he was against gay marriage in 2008.
Third wing for when he changed his mind again.

803 days ago


The people of Germany elected Hitler. I guess Americans don't care about freedom anymore and i's ok by them that Obama campaigned on closing Guantanimo Bay but instead has allowed indefinate detention for anyone, when he signed the NDAA on New Years Eve. I guess Americans love socialism. The only countries in the world that detain their own citizens on a government whim are: Stalins Russia, Nazi Germany and Cuba. WOW now we have joined the ranks with such countries, AMERICA WAKE UP!!! WWW.INFOWARS.COM

803 days ago


@cartman...4th wing is that Biden opened his mouth and put Obama on the gay marriage spot and now biden is publically doing the token political apology. Doesn't mean a thing. Just like Obamas endorsement of gay marriage. Doesn't mean a thing.

803 days ago


Waffle describes him. Glad they got that in his dish.

803 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

I don't know why this wouldn't be racist.. Might as well throw in the watermelon..I love how some "stereotype" things are accepted , but others are taboo.

803 days ago


Right on Hamptonsharry...TMZ is honoring this assclown. Screw him naMe the plate **** on a shingle because that is what he is!

803 days ago


Do you get to eat Obama's special yourself? Or do you have to buy it and give it to someone else?

803 days ago


President Barack Obama Tmz show some respect

803 days ago


humm...lets see...ill take the g-unit special.....and can you g-unit size it...

803 days ago
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