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Clooney's House

Under MEGA-Lockdown

For Obama Event

5/10/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney
's L.A. home is getting the Fort Knox treatment for his big Obama fundraiser tonight -- because TMZ has learned, security's so tight ... even the back-up has back-up.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the U.S. Secret Service will be getting help from the LAPD as well the California Highway Patrol to keep POTUS safe at the event.

We're told the LAPD is even planning to bring in its special Counter Terrorist Unit -- Jack Bauer style.

But that's not enough for Mr. Clooney -- who we're told has taken things a step further ... hiring a special security team to oversee his own personal safety.

As for specific security measures being taken for the event -- we're told roads will be closed off, bomb-sniffing dogs will be prowling, and plain clothes officers will be on the lookout.

Oh yeah, there's also "air support" -- whatever that means.

As we reported, the party's gonna be awesome -- Wolfgang Puck himself will be catering the $40,000-a-plate affair ... and 150 bigwigs are expected to be in attendance.

Bottom line -- crash another party.


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Cognizant _illiberal    

You would think the President of the United States would be really intelligent in the way they speak but the truth is I have friends with more advanced vocabularies than past and present presidents.
Celebs should keep their noses out of politics because the most people are so easily influenced by these idiots. I wish a president would be brave and bring real corruption to light

904 days ago

Twilight Sparkle    

.... Security much? O_o

904 days ago


Oh please!....give that money to people who need it than wasting on OBAMA.

904 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

When is George Clowney going to "share his wealth" a la the philosophy of Pres. Hope 'n Change? Clowney the hypocrite, when is he going to open up his Lake Como villa to homeless Italians? This is obscene, really...this is not a presidential election, it's a Fellini circus. And, the ringmaster is Clowney!

904 days ago


$40,000-a-plate affair just the simple proof that the ordinary working person isnt wanted.

904 days ago

My Big Salami    

To remind everybody Obama is half white! Therefore if he had a son he would not look like Treyvon Martin but more like George Clooney with a bad credit score....

904 days ago


They should be ashamed to even let this get in the news, people starving, no jobs, no savings, no anything but troubles and these people do something like this. Hollywood will not see another dime of my money! At least Matt Damon got wise to Obama and the damage he has done to our wonderful country. $40,000 a plate that just makes me sad!

904 days ago


Sounds like it will be a lot of fun, wish I was going.

Are people under the assumption that Romney isn't trying to get money for his campaign???? He is.

It isn't Obamas fault that the right doesn't have many A-listers on their roster. But it does beg the question... are you all gonna be this mad when Chuck Norris or Ted Nugent or Kid Rock throw a party to raise money for Romney????

904 days ago


first off what president mingles with stars? Obama he thinks he a celebrity. Second how much is this costing the taxpayers so he can mingle with the stars.....

904 days ago


This is sad. We get to pay for all of the security. I have never heard of a fundraiser in someones home.

904 days ago


Only an a**hole like Clooney would host a fundraiser for a guy who wants to give our social security, medicare, and welfare to illegal aliens and then make them US citizens. Do whatever you want Clooney, you moron - but Obama is OUTTA HERE come November. He's f**ked things up enough in this country. NO F-ing way is he getting a second term. Hope you all get food poisoning

904 days ago


TMZ- basic lesson in military tactics for you: Whenever the President flies anywhere, there is a dedicated mission provided to his protection. Command and control surveillance aircraft provide continuous radar overwatch of the area to identify any possible threats within a 100nm vicinity, and fighter jets are established overhead the area for the entire event to quickly respond to anyone violating the no fly area over the President's head, in addition to local fighter assets on ground alert ready to scramble. That's what air support means. Makes for a long day for a lot of us, but it's good he gets to party & raise money for himself. Have a drink on us Sir!!!

904 days ago


How much do I need to attend? Oh I have to be in the 1% club. Oops. It's a 1% club backstabbing the 1% club party lol. So true.

904 days ago


Wait ...and the Dems are all over Romney as out of touch and too rich. This is a true pot/kettle moment for the H'wood elites and our "illustrious leader."

904 days ago


I'd rather play with the dog.

904 days ago
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