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Tanning Mom Salon Owner

We Didn't Make Her Skin

Look Like 'Tree Bark'

5/10/2012 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0510_patricia_krentcil_splashThe owner of the salon where Tanning Mom went for regular UV treatment insists there's NO WAY he's responsible for turning her into a walking baseball mitt -- because her kind of tan isn't from a normal tanning bed.

City Tropics owner Anthony Ruccatano tells TMZ, Patricia Krentcil's extremely dark tan is more likely from a special sponge-on tan used by bodybuilders -- and it was NOT provided by City Tropics.

Anthony claims, "On stage [bodybuilders] look normal because the lights are so bright, but when they come outside it looks like tree bark." He adds, Patricia looks like she was "dipped in chocolate."

Anthony says Patricia paid $99 a month for unlimited tanning treatments at his facility -- tanning approximately 20-25 times a month.

Anthony also tells us, to the best of his knowledge ... Patricia's 5-year-old daughter was sitting in a car with her father the day she was allegedly burned on a tanning bed. Anthony previously told other media outlets the girl was in the building, just not in the tanning room.

As far as a Tanning Mom ban goes -- Anthony says, "I don't know if that's legal to do. So I wouldn't do it."



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This bitch is NOT a celebrity, please stop posting on her.

861 days ago


Tanning for one hour, ....20 dollars.
Unlimited tanning for a month..99 dollars.
Tanning so much that you look like you just came back from a trip to the sun.....Priceless.

861 days ago


People just need to accept the complexion they had at birth and deal the frig with it!!!

861 days ago


That guy is an idiot. Of course it is legal to ban her from his store. You can ban anyone you want from your business for any reason as long as it isn't blatant discrimination like racism. He also needs to be careful what he says about the daughter unless he is absolutely certain she wasn't there. Don't drag yourself any deeper into a criminal case than necessary. Also, I bet that if you go to the tanning salon enough times over a long enough period of time you can get that brown.

861 days ago


This owner has the legal right to ban her from the Salon on the grounds for Health reasons. There is NO WAY that it's healthy to look like that.

861 days ago


leave her alone, its every americans right to look like an old catchers mitt if she wants day soon her nose will rot off and she will die of skin cancer...

in other news Octomom is hiring KC antny for a nanny(cant use her real name without paying her five bucks)

861 days ago

BB not bb    

If he isn't banning her, did he change his mind, or did TMZ originally report incooreectly that he did ban her? I don't think it is very legal either, to be honest, but people ban others for personal reasons from businesses all the time and the police go along with it in NJ anyway.

I think she looks like that from make-up also. I think that is why it looks so unnatural. I think a natural tan looks just fine. I prefer it to seeing people who avoid the sun.

861 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

Leave that woman alone...She has a young child who is probably being teased because of the stupid media especially .TMZ... FU

861 days ago


She should be banned, can't be getting any good publicity from it!

861 days ago


With childish insults from TMZ wonder how many TMZ staff use screen-names and comment :D
You insult this woman because you feel insecure yourself, projection.
Doubt she tanned the girl, but don't care, it's not abuse.
This is abuse.....
Google search..."mother broke baby's leg"
Google search..."mother burns child"
Google search..."mother stabs toddler"
Google search..."mother slits daughters throat"

861 days ago


Enough on Tanning mom,already!

861 days ago


Yeah, right! But if the story hadn't come out, they would still be tanning her and taking her money. Truth is, they couldn't care less about her health of the little girl's. They are there to make money not to take care of other people's health!

861 days ago


Please leave her alone! So what if she wants to look like tree bark or a baseball mit! Who really gives a flying leap?!? Do you have anything better to do? uuuggghhhh

861 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He sounds like a real winner...IF he was competing in an idiot contest!

861 days ago


Really....this is not news.This happens all the time. There are tanorexics everywhere. TMZ you must be having a slow KarTRASHian week.

861 days ago
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