Tanning Mom I'm Soo Down with Jay-Z!!

5/7/2012 7:45 AM PDT

Tanning Mom -- I'm Soo Down with Jay-Z!!

Tanning Mom
looks like she's 102-year-old bacon, but thinks she's a hip-hop fan in her 20s -- 'cause she was bumping Jay-Z loud enough to shatter the windows ... on her MINI-VAN!!

Tanning Mom -- aka Patricia Krentcil, aka Crypt Keeper, aka Burnt Beef Jerky -- was sitting in her driveway this weekend in Nutley, NJ blasting the only Jigga song you'd expect her to play ... "Young Forever."

While TM was chillin' to Jay ... she clearly got a little pissed off waiting for her husband.

Eventually, she stormed out of the car and back into the house ... showing off her severely over-tanned legs in a severely revealing outfit.

Just call us "jealous, fat, and ugly."