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Tanning Mom

Needs Parenting Help

5/12/2012 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a case of the pot calling the kettle ... copper? ... as Octomom told our photog Tanning Mom needs some serious parenting classes. 

Octo, fully clothed, said she doesn't feel that Patricia Krentcil should lose her kids, but she does feel Child Protective Services should step in to give Krentcil some parenting tips.

When a woman who does "self-pleasure" for living expenses is calling you out for mothering skills ... clearly things have gone south.


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This welfare queen with 14 rats she spawned for money making purposes is the last person on the planet that should be criticizing ANYONE's parenting.

895 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

List of bitches who should never throw stones in their glass mother houses:

Bristol Palin
Tan Bag
Casey Anthony

895 days ago


HA HA HA....OMG!!!.....WOW!!! speechless....SMH

895 days ago


Wait...what? This coming from a woman who has 14 kids in all, no way to support them, home about to be taken from her, inside of home looks like a pig sty, none of her kids have been burned yet but I'm sure it just a matter of time, kids are unruly to the point even she don't want to deal with them and she wants to talk about tanning mom needing serious parenting help???? Take a seat Octomom.

895 days ago

There's a problem here    

That woman is such a mental case and so hyper she talks faster than I can hear.

895 days ago


Ohhh No She Din't! She has to be a liberal to be this completely blind and stupid! How sad!

895 days ago


One trash can, deposit Octomom,Tanlady, Donald Trump, Gloria Allred, Al Sharpton, Howard Stern, The Kardashians...........please

895 days ago


I have an idea. How about we put Tanning Mom, OctoMom and Lindsay Lohan in a paper bag and shake em up. No shake really really hard. Then put a bar of soap in a sock and give em a few whacks.. Then pick up said bag and whirl it around your head. Put bag on ground and see just who crawls out first.

895 days ago


The woman who shot a fetish video all over her own children's toys...
The woman who locked her 8 babies in tented beds, and threw bottles at them through a hole...
The woman who watches her children by putting a chair against the door to lock them in...
The woman who spent $500 on her own hair instead of fixing the plumbing for her kids...
The woman who squandered away millions of her own children's money...
THIS is who is giving parenting advice???

895 days ago


And she needs parenting help too. She is no better then the tanning mom

895 days ago

So done with her!!!    

She has a lot of nerve giving parenting advice especially when she's under investigation herself. And what's with the tanning isn't she on welfare. She was supposedly gifted one but this is like her 4th trip.

895 days ago

buzz kill    

This breeder is seriously twisted, and not just her uterus.

895 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Omgosh, who is she to speak? She thinks she can handle having 14 children and being a single mother who has no work? She needs to get a real job and get off government assistance. She needs to meet the Duggars and maybe learn from them on how to support a large family. At least they are 20+ and are not receiving help from the government.

895 days ago


Oh your one to talk this pathetic excuse of a human being should worry and look at her own life and children instead of watching others. These websites need to stop giving this vile woman coverage she is not a celebrity or anyone important just a horrible mother who uses and pimps out her poor children for money and publicity. People like her actually make me sick I know women who would do anything to have a child and this disgusting whore has so many just so she could be famous and make money instead of working hard like normal people. She spends all the money that are meant to go to the children on herself and now shes doing porn real classy. I do not believe that those poor babies are safe with this psycho and they need to be taken away from her. I bet they would be so much happier in the care of foster parents then their famewhore mothers.

895 days ago


Octomom is doing her best to raise 14 children. How many of you can do the same? Tanning mom can't even properly raise one. She knows she put her kid in that tanning bed she's trying to cover her butt along with the tanning salon owner. TMZ and radaronline loves Octo. Octo is a hoot on camera. She cracks me up. Octo has nothing to hide. She puts it all out there. Thats what I like about her. So everyone shut up.

894 days ago
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