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Jamie Lynn Grumet

The Breast

Mother's Day Ever!

5/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TIME covermom Jamie Lynn Grumet put away her breasts for Mother's Day and hit up a park in Beverly Hills with her husband and two sons.

Grumet made headlines last week when she appeared on the cover of the mag with her 3-year-old son ... who, let's say, was enjoying his lunch at the time.

The 26-year-old enjoyed her day at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills with her husband Brian and her two sons -- coverboy Aram, and her 5-year-old adopted son Samuel.

On her way out of the park, she told a photog she's been shocked by all the attention she's received.


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She's old news, nobody gives a crap what she does or who she is. She just happened to be at a park where a photographer would be... Give me a break.She's so desperate to keep her 15 minutes of fame. TMZ please, please stop giving attention to nobody's like that tan mom or octomom or this crazy breastfeeding lady. Just let their stories die, nobody cares, it's just annoying now!

837 days ago


Unless there's overwhelming proof that breastfeeding this long causes damage to the child, I don't see a problem. It's the mother's choice and we already know that it has nutritionally benefits.

837 days ago


Wow. Whole load of judgmental people here! You all sound like those who are against gay marriage as well. "It's gross." "It's disgusting." Yet, you know nothing about her and this type of parenting. I would not breastfeed for 3 years, but there is nothing wrong with it! It's an excellent source of nutrition and a wonderful bond for mother and child. To each their own!

837 days ago


I guess the only time she interacts with her child is to breast-feed him? Other-wise she gets all dolled up and goes to Starbucks, sits on the lawn looking like a over-made-up robot.

Oh yea, she LOVES the attention! Typical California mom.

Someone tell her husband it's too warm to wear a winter cap. Grow up dude, you're not 18yrs old.

837 days ago


She's just another dumb attention whore. She uses her kid to get some sexual taboo thrill.

837 days ago


Man that kid on the cover of Times is lucky!!! I would not want to stop breast feeding either. She is smoking hot!

837 days ago


I heard her son on a radio interview and he sounded like he had Down's Syndrome, whining, and making all kinds of ooophy doopy diction, not language at all. The kid won't be able to fight his way out of a paper bag. I say when they get teeth and are as tall as that kid is breast feeding has hit the limit. If you are going to do that, do it in the privacy of your own home because the next subject she will be dealing with is the bullying this kid is going to get if his friends get a load of how pathetic he looks. As for sleeping with the parents well what can I say wait until he goes away for camp or stays overnight at 8-9 years, he will be a train wreck. Pity the kid, he will never adapt any individuality if mom keeps clinging to him like a cheap sweater. She loves the 15 minutes of fame but looks like a cheap sensationalist on the center of the Progressive-Leftist mag Time! Consider the source of media attire and then know it is the socialist map to liberalism while pushing the European political correctness. Blah, this is what is wrong with America, the weakening of values, strenght, morals and ethics for the feel good, non-responsible occupy useless.

837 days ago


if ur kid can chew's time to stop breast feeding

837 days ago


She seems sweet, but the whole attachment parenting business is stupid. Pretty soon we will be a nation of t*tty babies. Have you ever noticed how effeminate little boys are these days? It's ridiculous.

837 days ago


I find the comments on this story fascinating. For some, they hate on every story. Today, they're hating about a child. And a mother. Headlines are filled with names of missing children, stories of abuse and neglect. Here's a story of a mom who loves her children and isn't worried if the world approves of it. Secondly, some are so immature in their responses. Men are drooling about the mother's boobs and body, women are mad that she's using her boobs for their very design.
What I love most about all this, is this beautiful family goes on with life and doesn't really give a rat's ass what any of you think. :)

837 days ago


breastfeeding and Starbucks! Lovely combination. Next stop - Playboy! WHo wants to bet..... kid is playing soccer he does not need the breast! disgusting all around- and I am a mother!

837 days ago


@mom2three " I bet you wouldn't bat an eye at a woman smoking around her kid or feeding him donuts and kool-aid, yet human milk is disturbing?"

The breast MILK isn't the issue, it's that she's still giving it to the boy by way of the breast at 4 years old. Its fine if she wants to give him breast milk, but use a pump, that's what they were invented for. there's no need to be sticking her boob in front of a 4 year old boy anymore. All she's doing is causing co-dependency issues that will be harder to cure as time goes on. It's incredibly selfish of her.

837 days ago


Well, as a person who grew up in a home where my mom breastfed my younger brother until he was SIX, let me just tell you, it DOES SCAR the children!!!! I don't know how long I was breast fed, maybe just as long. I have no doubt blocked it out. But let me just tell you it was pretty embarassing when my friends came over and my brother would run up to my mom and whip out her boob and start nursing!!! Not to mention all that lactose (milk sugar) will rot out the child's teeth. As for being "educated," that is just left wingers stupid excuse for why some of us don't believe the same things that they do. Guess what, I went to college too. Do I need a masters to be "educated" enough to not be mentally and emotionally scarred from my brother come home from school and suck on a tit??

837 days ago


Lady, you're gross... and you've got a Debbie Gibson nose. Poor kid...

837 days ago


she's twisted but she's hot.

837 days ago
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