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Patrick Dempsey

Faces Doggone Dilemma

5/14/2012 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Grey's Anatomy" star and real-life car accident hero Patrick Dempsey is in dire need of rescue himself ... or at least his dogs are, but this story may have a happy ending.

Sources close to Patrick's dogs tell us, the actor adopted two American Bulldog-Staffordshire Terrier mixes from an animal rescue in Texas recently -- but the two dogs (sisters and both alphas) were literally at each other's throats ... and Patrick's worried they might kill each other.

So, the Dempseys decided to put BOTH dogs -- Daisy and Ginger -- up for adoption on Ace of Hearts private adoption website.

We're told the Dempseys wanted to keep one of the dogs, but listed both to maximize the chances of adoption.

Here's the good news. We're told it looks like someone from a good home is going to adopt Ginger, though it's not a done deal. If it goes through, Daisy will be firmly ensconced in the Dempsey homestead.

FYI, the Dempsey's are big into animal rescue. Among their adoptions -- an 80-pound tortoise from the Valley Wildlife Rescue Center.


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Dempsey doesn't know anything about dogs. Daisy is predominently Pit Bull and Ginger is predominently German Shorthair or Weimaraner (both come in reddish-brown colors). Daisy, the pit bull, would win the fight easily.

Dempsey should take Daisy, if he decides to keep her, to a trainer first, to determine how agressive she really is around any dog, children, adults, cats and neighbors/family/friends.

892 days ago


so he's going to pass on dog that are prown to attack other dogs (and kids im sure)....they should be put down

892 days ago


Another stupid dog owner: His dogs clearly have a propensity for violence, and yet he keeps them. A stupid decision, especially with three kids.

892 days ago


Cesar Millan already had a situation like this with 2 pure breed pitbulls that wanted to kill each other. There is no behavior issue that cant be solved but you also need to know what to do. Instead of going to a trainer and help them with their behavioral issues Patrick has decided to "get rid of them". Easier and leaves your ego intact.

892 days ago

John Public    

Yet another Pitbull pet owning dumbass. Now the monster can be dumped onto someone else so it can kill somebody else's pet.

892 days ago


How about trying a personal trainer or something first...putting some effort in trying to see if the situation can be fixed?? It takes time and it takes patience to try to work this stuff out. My dogs are sisters from the same litter. One was badly injured at about 4-months old, and was in the hospital for months. While they were the best of buddies before her accident, you would have never known it. Re-aquainting them was terrible, but they worked through it, and are back to being obnoxious sisters again. It takes work, time, patience, and lots of love and understanding.

892 days ago


There are ZERO reputable studies that demonstrate that pit bulls have ANY innate tendencies to be more aggressive than other breed of dog. They are innately more capable of causing further harm when aggressive (i.e., large muscles, teeth, etc), yet they are no more prone to aggression than lets say a poodle, yorkie, lab, etc... ALSO, lock jaw is a MYTH....yes pitbulls have stronger jaws than most breeds, yet they DON'T LOCK....think about could they eat?? every time they would bite down on a piece of food they would risk never being able to open their mouths again. It is the owners who teach aggression/violence...not the dogs!!!

892 days ago


Has he never heard of the "Dog Whisperer"?

892 days ago


He's stupid for having those dogs around his kids!! What is he thinking???

892 days ago


Good choice. I always knew Donald I mean Ronald Miller was a good guy.

892 days ago


Call Caeser!! Don't give the poor things up :( I feel so sorry for dogs they get attached to their owners...they have feelings and a brain and they love you unconditionally and they still do after you give them up. You would never do that to a child and yet people don't hesitate to give up pets. Get help. Don't give them away!!

892 days ago

Randal P     

He should put both of these violent dogs to sleep before they kill someone.

892 days ago


umm someone call The Dog Whisperer..its sad hes putting them up for adoption, he could fix the problem, with a little time and effort..
he needs to read, Be the Pack leader.

892 days ago


My neighbor found out the hard way too. The vet said to never have two pits from the same litter. If you want two puppies, get them from separate litters. The alpha fighting is much more vicious among siblings.

892 days ago


Anyone who knows much of anything about dogs knows that two dominant females in one home can be iffy. Its harder for two females to live with each other than two males, and ideally a home would be male/female to avoid this type of issue. That's not to say that female/female CAN'T live together, it just depends on the dogs. He'd doing what he has to in order to keep the peace. Good for him.

892 days ago
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