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'American Idol'

Phillip Phillips Needs

Surgery ... REAL BAD

5/18/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
-- one of the finalists on "American Idol" -- has been URGED by his personal doctor to get surgery immediately ... but Phillip wants to work through the pain and the risk so he can win next week.

Multiple "Idol" sources tell us ... when Phillip went back home to Georgia last Saturday ... his family doctor spent almost the entire stay by his side and was alarmed by what he saw -- Phillip wasn't eating and looked horrible. 

Phillip suffers from severe kidney problems and at the beginning of the competition it got so bad he had a stent put in as a temporary fix until he could have surgery. But the condition has worsened and Phillip's doc told him he needed surgery now. Phillip said he was not going to drop out of the show so the doctor told him he ABSOLUTELY had to go under the knife immediately after the finale.

We're told the recovery time for the surgery is at least 6 weeks.

Phillip's condition is taking its toll -- we're told the medication causes dry mouth, and it's had some impact on his singing.

Phillip has also missed some of the field productions that are shot for the show -- including the Ford commercials. Our "Idol" sources tell us they felt that making him go on location for these shoots were just too taxing.



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I think he is probably hanging on because he doesn't want to disappoint all the people who are supporting him. But he does not have to have the win, and as someone mentioned previously, he would have much more freedom to negotiate his own contract if he did not take the one Idol offers, which is designed to make money for Idol, and not the artist. PP is better than that, and does not need Idol anymore to get a record deal. Producers would line up around the block to sign him now under his own terms!

833 days ago


And as far as Joshua being robbed, he will still be signed, don't worry! What no one gets is that, once you are in the top 8 or so, you will be signed regardless and no longer need the Idol win.

833 days ago


It sure seems like there's a medical problem with at least one of the contestants every year

833 days ago


He did not look well last week and it definitely showed in his performance - he did not belt out those dongs like usual, Philip, get to the hospital, everyone knows the Idol winner has little to no exposure! tak

833 days ago


Is this verified info or more 'fixed info' to make Jessica Sanchez' the winner this year?

833 days ago


Is this verified information or more bull to fix the show to make Jessica Sanchez the winner of American Idol this year?

833 days ago


P2 has been my favorite since I first laid eyes on his face and ears on his voice. Love his voice, his style, his crazy facial expressions including that sexy-ass grin... He's just so incredibly moving and talented. I'd MUCH rather he save his health than win this silly (in comparison) contest. Everyone already knows he's got talent up the wazoo and doesn't need the final win (which he'll probably get anyway) to make a success of his life.

GO, PHILLIP! (To the doctor!)

833 days ago


@Mags, I agree to a point with your response,Philip didn't write the article, but it's obvious to me that someone connected with the show made sure this article ,was written so thy woud have another mak

833 days ago


@Mags, I agree to a point with your response,Philip didn't write the article, but it's obvious to me that someone connected with the show made sure this article ,was written so he would get sympathy votes in order to have another male winner.

833 days ago


sorry your sick man, but

I can't believe that talented R n B singer was not in the final 2. Every song he sang was awesome.

I'm diguested.

833 days ago


Hollywood Reporter is reporting he's had emergency surgery. Come on TMZ, send out the sniffing hound dogs and get to the bottom of this.

Is he D O NE ?

833 days ago


So, American Idol is using TMZ again in a publicity stunt to play the sympathy card. We all know this is coming because they want their WGWG to win ... People not buying ...

833 days ago


Why is it that American Idol is one big sob story? Oh my mom for me. Oh I'm real for me. Oh i went though such and for me. That is exactly why I quit watching American Idol, I got sick of all the whining! It's a talent competition not a see who has the saddest story competition.

833 days ago


So, American Idol used TMZ again for publicity. This time, playing for sympathy card for their WGWG contestant who is vey NOT talented enough to be in the finale. People not buying. Let him have his surgery now, and declare Jessica the winner, or better yet bring back Joshua to the finale. That would have been the most interesting competition. But AI and Jimmy Iovine really loves their white guy to win, so on another thought, why not declare Philip as the winner so he can have his surgery. We all know that no matter what happens Tuesday, Philips gonna win because he is the pet of Jimmy and the AI producers.

833 days ago

Denelle Andrea    

Elliott Yamin was sick with Diabetes on American Idol and he had an amazing voice too. It didn't help him win American Idol either. If people voted based on sympathy a lot of the people who started out homeless that made it into the Top 24 would still be there. Phillip is winning on his talent, strength and ability to perform and affect people in a positive way. Phillip will sell records, do you see yourself buying anything that Joshua would record? Maybe if your 50+. Jessica has potential but she is too ****y. Her and Joshua are not humble people. Joshua looks all around the room when the Judges are speaking to him, Jessica frowns up anytime a something is negative said about her... the cameras caught it several times... THAT's their problem. They need to be CURRENT, HUMBLE and able to PRODUCE & SELL RECORDS.

833 days ago
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