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Timothy Busfield

Accused of Sexual Battery

5/20/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A movie date for Timothy Busfield went terribly awry ... a woman is now accusing the famed actor of sexual battery ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Busfield took a date to the ArcLight theaters in Sherman Oaks Wednesday night. Our sources say the two began kissing during the movie, but the woman claims at some point ... Busfield groped her in the breast and genital areas. 

We're told the woman abruptly ended the date and went to police the following evening  ... filing a report alleging sexual battery. 

Law enforcement sources tell us police are investigating.  Busfield has not been arrested, but we're told cops would like to speak with him. 

Busfield's credits include "The West Wing," "thirtysomething," "Field of Dreams," and "Revenge of the Nerds."

Busfield could not be reached for comment.


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I feel bad for this guy. He was just trying to go to second base.

893 days ago


Seems like I remember him getting in trouble for something like this before.

893 days ago


Is that my popcorn or your genital in my hand madam?

893 days ago


Yes, Richard Dreyfuss should play Busfield in the Lifetime movie about a movie theater serial genital grabber. Then Busfield could take women to she that Lifetime movie and when he grabs there genital it would seem more legit.

893 days ago


Okay, we now require guys to ask permission before moving to the next base? This is how people have been making out since the dawn of time...if he takes it a step too far, you call it quits. Seems that's what she did, and he complied with her wish, so what's the issue here?

893 days ago


If he would have just heard The VALiens on youtube!

893 days ago


So he felt her up and she's going to the police for sexual battery? Ridiculous!

893 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

true story: I was on the set of the river as a child and the girl wanted her boy friend to be a star and not me, though I was being drugged at the time by the studio in the MKULTRA program and was only one of their mock camera guys and on the table all bandaged up, the pint being I was just a kid and she used me by making out with me to get her boy friend the job. So Dude's: were being used ever since the church took over the program.

893 days ago

Keith Richard Radford Jr    

Ha! I met a 80 some year old man visiting from Florida who has been siting in the LA County lockup with a bullet in his skull who has been there for 2 year, won't take sex charges, because he left his wallet at the hotel, stole some "batteries" and tried to squeeze past a women in line at a grocery store and she won't drop the charges of sexual battery, probably because he is related to some baseball star and Mike Tyson, money some how ,,, Anyway: Best of luck Tim, they move from state to stare just to sue schools now! see my blog about being in jail for 4 months on false charges & in the hospital over 1 mo. over sex charges, it's NutZ what money does for congress, cops. TSA, passing those crazy laws.

893 days ago


Poor Wormser

893 days ago


Now hear this! It is now officially a crime to go for second base! Cease and desist all attempts to get laid or its the clink for you! Now I ain't sayin shes a gold digger, but she ain't getting groped by no broke broke...uuh

893 days ago


Do women realize that 99% of the men in the country would have to be arrested if Busfield was actually charged for this? That includes all the husbands and bf's out there. What man just after kissing has actually said, 'may I touch your breasts now'? Nobody, and would women really want that kind of man!? You'd have to go back and change every movie ever made with a make out scene. Is this what women's lib and Democrats really wanted, because that's how far it's gotten. Women are allowed to have no responsibility in sexual contact for anything any longer. This new consent thing is so stupid. Say 'No!' or GTFO. Men are going to start moving to other countries very soon.

892 days ago


wow. so, this chick was makin out w this guy - he was reading all the signs (wrong, apparently) and went for it - and she's trying to get him charged w sexual battery? that sounds so incredibly stupid. dont get me wrong - if she asked him to stop and he refused, sure...u got something there, but if they were just making out and he moved too quickly for her taste, then say no thanks - and move on or end the date. wtf are you doing making out in a theater for anyway? what are you 14?! grown ups can actually make out in their own house ladies and gentlemen. true story!

892 days ago


886 days ago
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