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Mr. and Mrs. Chow

Sued By an Idiot

5/20/2012 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0518_michael_chow_eva_gettyMichael and Eva Chow -- the purveyors of the ultra-famous eatery Mr. Chow -- are being sued by a guy who claims the couple didn't properly mark a clear glass door in their home ... with disastrous results.

*We now refer you back to the headline.

According to the lawsuit, Francis Martin worked a private party at the Chow home back in 2010. Martin claims at some point he "Walked into a clear glass door which had no markings or other means to identify that the plaintiff was not walking through an open area. 

*Please refer back to the headline again.

Martin claims he suffered injuries as a result and says the Chows owe him damages in excess of $25,000.

Calls to Mr. and Mrs. Chow were not returned. 

*Now would be a good time to read the headline one final time.


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Throwback kid    

If I had to look at that four eyed pie face while I ate my dinner it would cause me to puke all over his restaurant! What a freaking goof ball. This is the guy all those phony Hollywood celebs have to suck up to to get a table? That whole place is a joke

883 days ago


He'll get his money, but he'll never be hired to work in anyone's home far as catering goes anyways.

883 days ago


dmn windex!

883 days ago


Has he hired that gold digger, Gloria Allred yet?

883 days ago


Throwback Kid, you made my coffee come out of my nose! Anyway, same thing happened to my sister years ago at a dry cleaners. She broke her nose and busted the whole window. (floor to ceiling windows).

883 days ago



883 days ago


I've seen a few people walk into a glass door. It doesn't make them an idiot.

Actually it isn't the smartest idea not to have some type of marker on a glass door. When someone walks into it, if it ****ters it can seriously maim or kill them.

Sorry, but having a glass door that is breakable and has no markings and to top it off people not used to the house walking around, is begging for someone to get seriously hurt. Not saying this isn't a frivolous lawsuit, but atleast the Chow's will probibly be more careful in the future.

883 days ago


Before my wedding, my Dad walked into the glass door at my soon-to-be inlaws. We patched his bloody nose, put makeup on it, laughed and he got better. No lawsuit. My mother in law had gotten her house so spotless, it was the cleanest piece of glass in the state! She now, on purpose, leaves that door a little less clean! Did I mention that there was no lawsuit.

883 days ago


I walked into a glass door at a restaurant once and couldn't stop laughing at myself for my idiocy.

883 days ago


Cracked-me-up! Whoever wrote this piece...10pts for you. Nice way to start the day.

883 days ago


the guys' right.

883 days ago


What kind of idiot steals his restaurant's name from the Simpsons without paying?

"Call Mister Chow, that's the name/ That name again is Mister Chow,,,"

883 days ago


Happens all the time, people walk into glass doors.
Sometimes kid run through them while they're playing and get hurt.
Pretty much everyone in my family has walked into a glass door.
It's usually pretty funny :D
But it can be dangerous, that's why people put a red or yellow sticker on them.
But...suing someone because you walk into a glass door at their house? C'moooooon gimmee a break.

883 days ago


Put some MSG on it.

883 days ago


Have things become so ridiculous a person has to mark a glass door in their own home? How about putting warnings on your taps lest someone forget and sue you for being scalded. Warnings that if you do number 2 it could potentially make the air stinky? Maybe bang your head on a doorway if you are 6'11?

883 days ago
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