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Bobbi Kristina

MGM Grand Investigating

Underage Gambling

5/21/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The MGM Grand in Vegas has launched an internal investigation into video footage showing Whitney Houston's underage daughter Bobbi Kristina gambling at its casino this weekend.

TMZ posted the video this morning ... showing 19-year-old Bobbi hitting the slots Saturday night with her 22-year-old boyfriend. Bobbi was in town to attend the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

A rep for the MGM tells TMZ, it is now looking into the incident. 

The Nevada Gaming Commission has also launched its own investigation into the footage.

Underage gambling is a misdemeanor in Nevada, punishable by up to 6 months in county jail or $1,000 fine. The MGM Grand could be subject to an even heftier fine.


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Straight Talkin Texan    

But she's Bobbi Kristina!!! She's special!!! The rules don't apply to her!

855 days ago

charlei harper    

I your biggest BAN....OTAY!!!...why can't she fix that gaaaaaaaaaaaaaap in betwixt her teeth...and I'm telling you right here right now...if the gaming commission gets involved there's going to be some trouble for the MGM...BK (and I don't mean Burger King) is headed down a troubled road...Good luck and may the force be with you...and get your teeth fixed...

855 days ago


Why did TMZ even report this in the first place?? Isn't this girl dealing with enough, at the moment? Are you trying to ruin her life?

855 days ago


Not to seem so bitchy but if I had that girl's money no way would I go through life with a big gap in my teeth! How come no braces early on????

855 days ago

real deal    


855 days ago


TMZ has the nastiest commenters on the web. Vile hearted people.

855 days ago


People constantly talk negative about Bobbi K. but I think if so many would back off you might see a little difference. Some folks actually thrive off of the attention whether it's positive or negative. She also need to realize she just need to be Bobbi K. and in no way try to achieve stardom because of her parents that was in the industry.

855 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

Isn't there also a "no camera/video/pics" policy in casinos?

855 days ago


Can someone fix her teeth, please? They are so bad, SO distracting. Good God, get her some veneers.

855 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You can drive a mack truck inbetween that gap. Geeez... fix it.

855 days ago


...... all that money and she can't get a better weave!!

855 days ago


Do any of u have any NEW attacks???? Druggie mom n teeth comments are BEYOND old and lack creativity and originality.......... You would think ADULTS would have better comments but I guess when you're an happy hag or trash with no life u get thrills from bashing others who really dont care about what you think!!! THUS her keeping her gap!!!!!!!

855 days ago


They are "looking" into it. Yeah riiiight!!!! I lived in Vegas for 6 years and trust...they will not do anything bcuz this place CATERS to celebrities AND the rich who aren't famous. They are pretending to investigate since TMZ ran the story & made it public. Of course, they want the public to take them seriously, right? They might release a statement regarding investigating, but she won't get in any trouble or get jail time (e.g. Paris Hilton AND Bruno Mars who got caught with cocaine) so of course Bobbi K. will be ok & get off easy too. Everyone knows this place is a joke, even the people who still live there who can't leave due to the joke you call an income. Being a former local, we called it "Lost Wages" instead of Las Vegas. Now if it was Susie Mae or Billy who was under 21 in the casino, it would have never happened because the security guards would have been ON it. I'm 34 and I've witnessed this behavior and the security guards can be rude, especially the ones @ the Palms. On the strip, it is a fantasy. Go beyond the lights, reality hits. Vegas is a bunch of hype that really gets hyped up by these celebrities. Not a place for people who really want to do something with their life rather than slave in a casino & do @$$ to make their commission & make the rich keep coming back. TG I'm not living there anymore!

855 days ago


Don't understand why people are being so mean to her. Poor girl had a rough life when she was younger and now her mom is gone.
Many famous and not so famous people have a gap and they're happy with it. My gap isn't as wide as this but I've had it all my life. People often say I'm very pretty or beautiful and that I have nice teeth. They're very straight.
There's a saying that people with a gap are sweet. Just let her be and she will fix it when she's ready. Everyone is going overboard on cosmetic surgery nowadays.

855 days ago


Good llawd that is one UGLY chic!!!

855 days ago
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