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Corey Feldman

A 300 LB Woman


5/22/2012 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman
apparently had good reason to get a 6 ft, 300 lb woman arrested ... because the restraining order she allegedly violated shows a person right out of "Single White Female."

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Corey allowed a friend, Jennifer Herbert, to live in his house, but things went south quickly.  Feldman claims Herbert threatened to hurt him, trash-talked him in front of house guests, and asked his kid "adult questions."

Corey couldn't just throw Jennifer out, because she's paying rent and therefore is a tenant.  So the restraining order required her to stay 6 feet away from Corey and his kid while in the home.  It appears she violated that order, and as a result Corey's security guard made a citizen's arrest Friday night.

Jennifer -- who Corey knew through Michael Jackson -- was taken into custody, Jennifer was released hours later, went back to the house with cops, picked up her stuff and left.  We don't know if she plans to come back.


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Throwback kid    

Were they going halfies on the food? If so Corey got the short end of the stick. The grocery bill for a 300 pound woman must be astronomical!

831 days ago


OMG he looks like Yoko Ono in that pic

831 days ago

bob kink    

corey owes mondo video store well over $300 and has owed it to him for over ten years. when i have asked about it as well as many others he denies it, claims he will drop by the store and pay or walks away. he is a filthy scoundrel. i can only imagine how he makes any money knowing that he can't even make an effort to pay off an abount like that. i imagine his days are spent running from people, looking for dealers and then going somewhere to use his purchases and the cycle just goes on and on. may he RIP very, very soon

831 days ago


I'm just curious... Was her name Billie Jean and was she at his door? cause MJ had the same problem and it's a good thing the kid is not his son... o.o

831 days ago


why is her weight relevent? doesn't make you stronger but weaker

831 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Don't lie Corey, you hit it.

831 days ago


Ridiculous to pop Michael Jacksons name into this story simply because no one really cares about Corey or his hefty house guest..
Poor Michael , he was stuck with this kinda BS, his entire life..

831 days ago


Corey Feldman is an ugly, down syndrome version of Charlie Sheen. And since Charlie Sheen is even more pathetic than can understand where this is going.

831 days ago


Has anyone noticed that Corey Feldman looks like he is slowley morphing into Charlie Sheen?

831 days ago


He looks like a white skinny Kim Jong-il.

831 days ago

Paul B    

Will this C-grade actor just go away. I'm sick at the sight of this pathetic loser boy. The only acting he is good at is acting like he is a Celebrity. Corey l want to smack you in the chops....

831 days ago

Paul B    

@Plattsburgh27.........Oh come on, please don't insult Sir Charles Sheen.....

831 days ago


Seriously, are we really getting desperate to have to throw Michael Jackson's name into everything??? Well, I guess Corey Feldman and TMZ both need the attention. Instead of posting crapping stoires like this if you are going to throw in his name, it would mostly likely benefit you if you posted about the great things going on right now like Bad25 and such. Sheesh.

831 days ago


Corey, please! You are embarrassing yourself. Handle your business. Talking about the woman's weight is LOW CLASS.

831 days ago


You know he was cool with her being 6foot and 300 pounds when she was doing him up the butt with the strapon. lol

831 days ago
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