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Britney Spears

Walks Off 'X Factor'

5/25/2012 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears walked off the set of "X Factor" moments ago ... and according to several people in the audience, she was upset after a contestant butchered her song, "Hold It Against Me."

Britney did not come back immediately ... and four contestants auditioned in front of the remaining judges ... and an empty seat.

Someone connected with the show tells us Britney was not upset over the song -- and that she "Just took a short break."

The show is currently on a break -- so we don't know if or when she will return to her seat.


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lets see, lets see how many idiots i can hit with one stone:
1.) it's not entirely a singing competition, it's x factor... you have to have the whole package, as an entertainer, now or then, britney has the star power
2.) skank? really? the mother of two children who weathered the storm of her own issues, she was scrutinized because shes a star, i bet majority of you losers bashing her have way worse problems.
3.) trainwreck? um, this isn't 2006-2007- remember since then she's has two successful world tours and 2 number one albums, and 3 number 1 hits... so trainwreck is out of the question.
4.) this is TMZ... they report the dumbest thing possible without knowing all the details and you douchebags flock like the sheep you are... will believe anything, i'm shocked youre americans (rolls eyes)
5.) and to the morons doubting the poor poster claiming to be at the audtions... as someone else mentioned, we are in newer times (phones have internet, phones have tmz apps, and again, i reiterate, this is not 2006-2007) so lay off britney, stop waiting for her to mess up because you can't accept that she's not the head shaving emotionally unstable person she had become, cause you know, she's human afterall. you are all pathetic and should really be ashamed, but then again i'm really not surprised. difference was Britney bounced back... whats your excuse?

889 days ago


Like a BS song could ever be butchered. It has to resemble a song to be butchered.

889 days ago


She can not handle it!!!

889 days ago


OMG HOW WILL I EVER GO ON WITH MY LIFE WITHOUT KNOWING IF SHE CAME BACK TO THE SET. Is this really the only thing worth reporting on?

889 days ago


Give her a chance! It is not easy being the new girl on the block...

889 days ago


Simon Cowell has jumped the shark!

889 days ago


Give her a chance...she is new here, and i am sure she knows what she is doing...she in NOT new to the music scene!

889 days ago


Oh my Gawd! What was Simon thinking, taking on these two nutjobs. That show should be scrapped. He can take his billions and runnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! I won't watch it!

889 days ago


I'm guessing to smoke a pack... STOP smoking!

889 days ago


See, this is why no one has let her speak in public for the past few years. She simply cannot handle herself like an adult. There is no way that I'm watching this show again this year. It was bad enough last year with all the verbal fighting amongst the judges/mentors. I'm not sitting around and having the likes of Britney Spears and Demi Lavato actually judge these people! Simon Cowel's X-Factor is going to tank. LMAO!!!

889 days ago


She couldn't understand why there was a voice coming out of this persons face. It's called "singing" Brittney. It is what real singers with real talent do. You know how you move your mouth to the words of songs at your concerts? People actually sing these songs in a studio. I realize its a foreign concept, but stay with me, okay?

889 days ago


One and done.. guess it's back to Britney shaving her head and throwing a tantrum!

889 days ago


Hilarious. This is like what, day two or three on the job? Already being a drama queen and having a hissy fit.

889 days ago


Okay, it's been a long time now, the show is over, yet TMZ is too lazy and too intent on smearing this young woman's name rather than find out what happened and print something. Everybody knows by now that TMZ is just lying, trying to stir up something where nothing is. God is watching you, Harvey, trying to destroy people. Britney was doing her job just fine, with excellence and caring. Harvey gives gay Jewish men a really bad name. If he's an example of one, and he is, I have no interest in giving them breathing space on this planet, and I'm betting God isn't interested, either.

889 days ago


She probably just needed a cigarette break. LOL She's off to a swell start - a little drama for this phony show.

889 days ago
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