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Phillip Phillips

Under the Knife on Tuesday

5/26/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips will get badly-needed surgery for a bum kidney on Tuesday, and he'll be recuperating in style in a swanky Malibu mansion ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Phillip endured immense pain during the entire competition ... the result of a congenital kidney stone problem that has already resulted in 8 surgeries.  He's been living with kidney stones that are so big they can't pass through his system.

Doctors inserted a stent into Phillip's kidney 7 weeks ago, as a temporary fix, but the pain borders on unbearable.  In fact, when Phillip went home to Georgia a week ago, his doctor urged him to throw in the towel and get the surgery immediately, but Phillip said no.

So we've learned the surgery will take place Tuesday afternoon.

Phillip's recovery is expected to take weeks -- as many as 6.  But here's the good news.  A honcho from the "A.I." production company has offered his home to Phillip and his parents for the entire recovery.


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My Big Salami    

Many Americans will now have to have MAJOR ear surgery from listening to this moron sing for the last 14 weeks!

880 days ago


Who is this Loser?

880 days ago


piss poor karaoke joe ****er scrub. zero chance of selling jack $#!^ in the industry. Women and girls apparently voted with their eyes because it certainly wasn't their ears.

880 days ago


Phillip has 10 songs in the Top 100 itunes song list including No. 1!!!

Jessica has NONE.

This dude isn't a fly by night Idol winner. He has real talent and dude is going to be around a long time and be very successful in the music business.

Get well quick Phillip!

880 days ago


I like Phillip. I think one of the big problems with idol winners becoming REALLY successful is the idol song that becomes their first single. They are usually terrible, so by the time they come out with their next single everyone has moved on. But this one I like. So I think he has a real shot at it.

And women didn't just vote with their eyes. Him being cute is just a nice extra, lol

Hope the surgery goes great and he has a fast recovery.

880 days ago


All other WGWGs sold lots of songs on itunes. Justin Bieber and One Direction sell lots of records. Tweenies become older women and watch American idol to vote for their new hearthrobs and buy their songs on itunes.

880 days ago


PP is still just another died in the wool wigga with bad kidneys to boot. Everything he sings sounds like Louie Sachmo Armstrong from the jazz age. He's not at all
original. Millennial AI acts can only cover and copy the past greats because new age music is MIA/DOA noise .

880 days ago


Man, he's ugly. lol but seriously, who freakin cares, i wish TMZ would focus on real celebs not fake ass wannabes. he's not even a celeb. ahaha if he dies i honestly couldn't care less. i'd be pretty happy. lol &
too bad he's gonna have a crappy career. haha

880 days ago


Like him or not, I someone with that kind of drive and determination will do very well. I wish him the best.

880 days ago

jessica ly    

love him ahh

880 days ago


It warms my heart that America picked this talented young man as the new AI. Great signer and person. He deserves it and he hung in there for his dreams until he won, even in pain. I wish him quick recovery and looking forward to watching his future grow as the AI winner!

880 days ago

Cheryl A.    

WOW, I had an 8 mm kidney stone that was impossible to pass (it's roughly a size of a dime without the ridges) and they went in, zapped it to dust and I went to work the next day. No pain anymore, just fine. I didn't need 6 hours to recover let alone 6 weeks.

880 days ago


don't know him, don't know anything about him but I do know that maybe his parents had the hiccups when they named him!

880 days ago


I do not know why they are saying it could take up to 6 weeks recovery for his stone surgery. I mean I had a kidney loaded with large stones 7mm all the way to 12mm , too many for lithotripsy, so they actually did an incision in my back to my kidney and got them out. I was out of the hospital about 2-3 days after and back to normal a week after. Totally healed doing every two weeks max.

880 days ago


Okay, just so we can cut to the chase, since people are posting that their recovery didn't take as long. I looked it up on the department of health and human services which said that kidney stone surgery takes 4-6 weeks to recover from. Possibly you had a slightly different procedure. Or you heal really fast. But 4-6 weeks is what the dhhs said.

On the bright side to your posts. Me looking it up has informed me of the many things to stay away from to avoid kidney thank you.

880 days ago
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