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'Basketball Wives' Star

Estranged Husband Begs ...


5/28/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The estranged husband of "Basketball Wives" star Kenya Bell insists ... he supported her for YEARS with his NBA salary -- but now his cash supply is running low ... and it's her turn to keep him financially afloat.

Former NBA player Charlie Bell -- who filed for divorce from Kenya earlier this year -- filed legal docs, claiming he's been low on cash ever since the NBA dropped him last year. Charlie's been playing pro ball internationally ever since, but the money's just not the same -- not nearly.

Charlie concedes he's got over a mil in the bank, but claims Kenya's the one who's hit it big with her role on "Basketball Wives" -- even releasing music on iTunes -- so it's her turn to lend him a helping hand, in the form of spousal support.

Charlie claims he only makes $100k a year playing basketball in Italy -- while Kenya rakes in three times that amount on "Basketball Wives."

Kenya shot back calling BS on Charlie's cries for help -- denying she earns $300,000 on the VH1 show.

Kenya also wants a chunk of Charlie's 7-figure savings.


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Iam new here.

876 days ago

Don't feed the Trolls    

She's only on the show because of him and now she doesn't want to give him a penny. In fact she wants more. That's why players are suing these women before the show begins preventing them from using their likeness (D.Howard-C.Bosh etc)

876 days ago


I agree with user Nottyett. She's earning a living as a basketball wife because of him, not the other way around. When he was bringing in the big bucks she wanted her share, and rightly so. Now the economic balance has shifted.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? ;)

876 days ago


What a greedy f_cking bitch. If she's making more than him, then he shouldn't have to keep paying her alimony. It's f_cking sad to see the way the court system lets these gold digging wh_res ruin men's lives. The only reason she's even on Basketball Wives is because she was married to him. She should be the one having to pay him. Also, since she's not even a "basketball wife" anymore, shouldn't her ass be fired? This show should be renamed to "Basketball Divorcees", since none of those women have been married to a ball player in years. Greedy, no-name bitches make all their money off of their exes name. These women are PATHETIC!

876 days ago


Charlie I give you props for having the cojones to ask for support but we know you're dreaming.

876 days ago


Hold up is this not the same guy who dumped her at the beginning of the year and also cheated on her during her marriage to him.
why is everyone thinking she owes him.

seems to me if i won the lottery and my ex wanted me back or to help him after he treated me like dirt he would now be eating that dirt. I say Run for the hills lady and dont look back.

876 days ago


Hold up a minute is this not the same guy who dumped her earlier this year and cheated on her during their marriage. seems to me some of you are crazy for putting her down. I say run for the hills
who needs ya now charlie

876 days ago


i think a woman should help its a two way street

876 days ago


Well x-cuse the hell out of me... $100K to put a ball thru a hoop seems darn good to me!! He needs to STFU, man up and take care of himself. There is a reason why he is an "ex". That goes for her as well!

876 days ago


ONLY 100k a year, ahahaha. Aw, you poor fella. Must be so hard to live on your 6 figure salary.

876 days ago


A man that expects a woman to pay his way is not a man at all. This male should be ashamed of himself. Go out and work. Stop looking for a handout. The audacity, he cheated on his wife, left her, and now wants money she made after he left her. This dude is a real piece of work.

876 days ago


so many so called 'men' want to act like women nowadays- just straight up punk B itch azzness. Sorry azzes. and to the crybaby men on here crying about the system-if you don't like it -then do something, stop whining about it- and stop putting all court cases in the same box.

875 days ago


Some men are such b-tch azz wussies nowadays. you want a woman to take care of you ? get a job. sorry m f's.

875 days ago


He's the one that filed for a divorce. Now that she's making money...he wants some? He should've thought about that before he filed. I'll tell you about people that always miss out on their blessings because they're too eager and impatient to wait for the blessing. Then when things don't go their way..."Houston We Have A Problem!" I'm sure she wouldn't having a problem taking care of her man but he's not her man anymore. He left...remember?

875 days ago


I just watches Basket ball wives for the first time these women should be a shamed to make money acting so rude and ridicluos. unbelievable junk TV they need more than anger mangement.if I had freinds like this I wouldnot have freinds at all.No wonder there divorced

873 days ago
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