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Francesca Eastwood


Destroying Birkin Bag

5/28/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_francesca_eastwood_birken_bagClint Eastwood's daughter has been bombarded with vicious online death threats after she publicly demolished a $100,000 Birkin bag in the name of art, TMZ has learned.

Francesca Eastwood, star of "Mrs. Eastwood and Company," and her BF Tyler Shields took a chain saw to the pricey bag and then LIT IT ON FIRE ... which has angered dozens of fashionistas (and many who are just economically challenged).

Eastwood has been receiving death threats via Twitter and Facebook, such as:

-- "Some of us actually have to work and live check 2 check, spoiled rotten bitch to burn 100k bag."
-- "You’re a stupid whore. How f***ing dumb can you be."
-- "You should kill urself, ungrateful bitch – wasted money when families can't eat."

Sources close to Francesca tell us ... the 19-year-old said she knew people would be shocked, but never expected this level of hatred. We're told she's been telling friends ... people just don't understand art.



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Grouchy Smurf    

In addition to burning the bag she, her mother and her half-sister also desecrated the remains of about 12 or 13 of their former pets. Using a shovel they smashed the boxes holding their "cremains" and after attempting to bury most of them, they ran around laughing and giggling and throwing the "cremains" on each other and poured them down the pants of the mother. Clint, you raised some horrible children and married one sick bitch. I hope they treat your remains with a little more respect.

876 days ago

Clint Eastwood must be so ashamed right now.
It won't surprise me if he dies of heart attack after this...
like Birkin bag for the sake of art maybe...

876 days ago


What I find hilarious is people making these outrages comments not realizing that it wasnt even her money. If people watched the show tonight they would've realized that her boyfriend got the purse and she begged him not to let him do it. Also Dina pointed those many reasons, that why spend that kind of money when people are out there starving blah blah blah. All in all she didnt spend the money, people are crazy yes to even pay that amount of money but good for Tyler Shields trying to make a point.

876 days ago


Shameful conceit

876 days ago


Its her money and she can do what ever she wants with her bag.... I she has the money and she can burned it let her do it....

876 days ago


Some people just don't understand art ? is this girl for real? What an ABSOLUTE IDIOT !

876 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

While it is true that what she did was ecnomically dumb, she did have the cash to burn so to spesk and it's her issue. It's just to bad that she has never truly learned the value of a dollar and just far that kind of money can go. She has never been taught that she can do so much good having that kind on money. I put that blame on the parents.

876 days ago


Anyone that would pay a 100G for a purse is an idiot, so yeah I get why she torched it.

876 days ago


Well she wanted attention for her lack-luster phtog boyfriend, she got it.

876 days ago


not to be a peta person, but I feel bad for the animal who had die for that bag

876 days ago


If any of you would bother to WATCH the show, you would know why she burnt it. It was NOT HER BAG, she did not pay for it, her father did not pay for it, and truth be known it was a fake, but the show was about women carrying such expensive bags. Dina (Clint's wife) father was a school teacher and she was appalled that a handbag cost what her father made in 3 yrs. She got the point across to the girl's that a bag is not worth that, and that the cost of it could have fed many people at shelters etc. It also showed them shopping at "outlet" stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. Watch the show, before you speak!

876 days ago


I don't care how rich you are - paying 100K for a purse is stupid. Birkin bags aren't even cute - people just buy them for the status.

876 days ago


If any of you would bother to have watched the show, you would not be making these comments. It WAS NOT HER BAG, her father did not pay for it, she did not pay for it. Dina explained to the girls that she grew up just like all of us, her father a school teacher. The bag was 3 yrs salary of her father and that carrying a bag like that was like saying FU to other people. They understood. Her boyfriend had the bag, and truth be known it was probably fake. Their was a "moral" to the show, so maybe next time you will watch the show before you comment

876 days ago


Art my ass.Waiting for her sex tape.

876 days ago

christopher j    

This is exactly what art is.

For those who would make death threats only shows there own ignorance not only to art but life in general.

And just to note I am someone who is struggling just as much as anyone right now, but I can see the genius in this picture

876 days ago
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