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Dennis Rodman

Slapped with Contempt

Over Unpaid Child Support

5/29/2012 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman's just learned a hard lesson about not paying child support -- if you don't a judge will come down on you like a hammer.

An Orange County judge just held Rodman in contempt for raking up a whopping $808,935 in unpaid child support for his 9- and 10-year-old children -- and an additional $51,441 in unpaid spousal support. 

Rodman was placed on 3 years probation and ordered to perform 104 hours of community service.

While on probation, Rodman is required to stay current with child support and cover alimony.  It's unclear how he's gonna dig himself out of the hole.

Dennis previously responded to his ex-wife's demands, saying he couldn't pay because he's broke. According to Dennis, Michelle's six-figure child support bill is based on a $50,000-a-month child support order she obtained behind his back. Rodman's been fighting it since 2010.

Clearly, the judge wasn't buying what Dennis was selling.


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No Avatar


Wasted talent ....

878 days ago


way to take care of business, d!ckbag. btw - u got too much sh!t stickin out of ur face. u look like a godd@amned trailer hitch u f*kin p.o.s. anyone who shirks child support should be beaten in public. bring back the stockades ladies and gentlemen.

878 days ago

shades of couture    

That's one NASTY looking man He so GROSS!

878 days ago

Joan K    

Fugly idiot!

878 days ago


moments like these make me want to get a vasectomy

878 days ago


What an a$$ this guy is. He's so self loathing that he's taking it out on his children. Yeah, Dennis, that makes you cool. Didn't he almost off himself back in the day?

878 days ago


He a idiot... I wonder if someone told him if you sleep wit someone it is possible for them to have a baby... He need to do sum catch up on birds and the bees... I mean if you ain't wanna take care of the kid he shlsnt have done the do that got him the kid.!! Limbo STUPID.... He deserved it.!!! =)

878 days ago


First off, 50k a month for 2 kids is f_cking outrageous. Seriously. I know his baby mama isn't spending that much on the kids every month. Maybe on herself, but not them. Second, I do believe DR is too broke to pay that kind of money. The guy hasn't played basketball in years, and hasn't been doing anything to earn more money since then. He's also a raging drug addict who's terrible with money. With the kind of lifestyle he lives, and the kind of hangers-on he keeps around, he probably IS broke. The judge needs to just be straight up and admit "Your baby mama wants all of your money. You can empty your bank account and give it all to her now, or we can take it from you in 50k per month installments. Either way, you WILL give this woman all of your cash and whether she actually spends it on your children or not will be up to her". This is bullsh_t if you ask me. DR should only have to pay 5k a month, and then be required to pay for the kids' college if they decide to go. That would make more sense. He would probably be more willing to comply if he wasn't being forced to pay her a small fortune every 4 weeks.

878 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He was laughing about this issue recently. I wonder if the fool is still laughing.

878 days ago



Always cracks me up when people talk about all the money someone made, but seem clueless that someone could spend it all. He probably netted thirty cents for every dollar he made and then blew the rest on his lifestyle. What's not to understand?

And ladies...if you think it is right that child support can add up to a million dollars, you aren't any better than he is. As far as I am concerned, you are at least as responsible for having a child with such a loser.


878 days ago


$50,000 a month! Wow, that is a lot..especially if he paid it...which he hasn't. Remember when he was under Dr Drew's care? Surprise surprise...He's still a junkie. I think he should be given a new home...a tent in the middle of the Mojave.

878 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

I can't stand parents who have babies and then just completely forfeit the reality that you and the mom need to pay that kids way in the world 50/50. If you DON'T want to have a kid and all the money that kid is going to grow up needing than DON'T have babies. That's why I don't, and I'm responsible enough to know this. I don't want to be financially required to spend my money for the next 30 years on someone else... and when you have a child, that's really what you have to do. You can't just all of a sudden bail on a LIFE that you decided to commit to, it's not fair to the kid who didn't ask to be here, but to the other parent who has to pay your way, the kids way, and their own way.

878 days ago

Jay W.     

$50K a month. Is this guy still making that kinda of cash? Or residuals ?

878 days ago


Hey Dennis, way to perpetuate a stereotype.

878 days ago


He is a true crackhead,all the way down to the burn spots on the lip for smoking everything.I did have a great time stepping to you in Vegas,His answer.."give me 1 hour and i will fight yyou or pay you"Real cool for someone that tossed me to the side at the table because you needed "breathing room".Monkey face got laughed at by the pitboss.

878 days ago
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