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Dennis Rodman

Slapped with Contempt

Over Unpaid Child Support

5/29/2012 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman's just learned a hard lesson about not paying child support -- if you don't a judge will come down on you like a hammer.

An Orange County judge just held Rodman in contempt for raking up a whopping $808,935 in unpaid child support for his 9- and 10-year-old children -- and an additional $51,441 in unpaid spousal support. 

Rodman was placed on 3 years probation and ordered to perform 104 hours of community service.

While on probation, Rodman is required to stay current with child support and cover alimony.  It's unclear how he's gonna dig himself out of the hole.

Dennis previously responded to his ex-wife's demands, saying he couldn't pay because he's broke. According to Dennis, Michelle's six-figure child support bill is based on a $50,000-a-month child support order she obtained behind his back. Rodman's been fighting it since 2010.

Clearly, the judge wasn't buying what Dennis was selling.


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No Avatar


Eff' this good for nothing THUG. Keep pumping the butth_les and you wouldn't be paying dumb****. Another ignorant sports douche. Why do you stupid f_cks support these morons. Let them show up to an empty stadium and see how they like it. F_CKERS

856 days ago

John Public    

I remember when my son was little and looked up to this dirt bag. Now my son pays child support of his own and looks down on this piece of crap. He has set quite the bad example for his race.

856 days ago


My GAWD, but he's an ugly dude.

856 days ago


Behind his back??? The only way a court-ordered child support amount is "behind one's back" is by NOT showing up to the hearing, so if he can't pay that much, it's his own fault.

856 days ago


This guy(?) I guess it depends on his wardrobe choice that day, is a piece of s@@t. There's all sorts of video out there of him throwing away his kids money buying rounds etc… I guess he's trying to prove that he's still relevant, but he's nothing but a weird has been. I guess wearing dress's suit's him though because real men take care of their children.

856 days ago


I'm Black, but Dennis Rodman MAKES HIMSELF LOOK WORSE than he has to. Lip & nose earrings accentuate good, sexy features which Dennis never had. Dennis has made himself look like the ugliest man I've ever seen!! ugh!

856 days ago


I can't look at him....

856 days ago


DR used to frequent "Scores" and other strip clubs with his entourage. I dont know how much he makes or spends but back then he was cheap. Unless he invested well, I doubt he has for 50K a month..

856 days ago


Not everything is what it seems. It is VERY possible she got the child support order behind his back! It is very possible she is alienation the children from him!! That would be psychological and emotional abuse.
It is very possible he has a point! He should pay child support by all means, but not when it is obtained behind his back!

Visit Dr. Childres web site and find out more how this happens. Your children may be a victim.

856 days ago


No news here. Rodman has always been a jackass. If he acted like a sensible adult and didn't blow every project and marriage he had, maybe he could afford to pay for his responsibilities. I bet he has money to buy cocaine though. Idiot.

856 days ago

Naomi Mallery    

No Male Celebrity is Exempt from paying child support...I don't care how many fans you have, how much money you have...It's about supporting your children who, by the way, did not ask to be here....Can't they see that the ones who are suffering are the kids?

856 days ago


I once got sent to jail for one year for being $2,500 on my child support. First offense and I wasn't even behind. The state had applied my payments to the wrong account. I ended up spending 10 days in jail before my lawyer was able to find out what happened and get it straightened out. Now here is Rodman almost a million behind and he gets probation and community service. Our justice system is really f'ed up.

856 days ago


His ass should be in jail. He is ugly in so many, many ways.

856 days ago


what money grubbing whore needs 50k a month to support a kid? my whole family gets by on less than half that per year! just another reason to show that a bullet only cost thirty five cents.

856 days ago


Just another deadbeat dad that well afford it!

855 days ago
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