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Michael Jackson

Creepy 'I Can't Sleep' Letter

Yanked from Auction

5/30/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A letter Michael Jackson wrote to Lisa Marie Presley -- complaining about the problem that ultimately killed the singer -- has been yanked from the auction block after Lisa Marie pitched a fit.

Lisa Marie has not said why she wanted the letter pulled, but it's pretty clear -- Michael struggled with sleep deprivation for years until he found a quick fix in the form of Propofol.

The letter -- written sometime between 1993 and 1996, reads as follows: "Smell here [arrow with box] Lisa I truly need this rest I haven't slept litterally [sic] in 4 days now. I need to be away from phones and Business people. I must take care of my health first Im' [sic] crazy for you Love Turd."

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was doctor shopping for Propofol before he hooked up with Conrad Murray.

So Julien's Auction in Beverly Hills -- the same company selling off Elvis' crypt -- has capitulated to Elvis' daughter. Owner Darren Julien tells TMZ, "I'm assuming it's a personal nature, and we wanted to honor the request and continue our good relationship with Ms. Presley."

We can read between the lines.

Creepy I Cannot Sleep Letter from Michael Jackson


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I'm not sure what was in the box that she needed to smell but a letter ending with "Love Turd" is not to hard to figure out. Yuck!

875 days ago


I wonder what "smell" was in the "smell here" box! I can only imagine lol

875 days ago


Poor Michael. And like everyone said "what's in the little scratch and sniff box?" perfume?

875 days ago


Creepy way of letters mixed with small letters...hmm!

875 days ago


I miss michael :(

875 days ago


What a way to boost sales for her talentless albu???. Why was it put up for auction in the first place. She is a fame chaser. She was divorced from him for years and ,married 2 men. She has no children witrh him and should leave his memory alone. During his trial she was on Oprah kicking him when he was down. Michael Jackson's children were the LOVES of his life. Not Lisa Marie.
Give it a rest missy.

875 days ago


yeah, if he slept 9 hours a day, they'd have HAD the perfect mariage. Now let me just interview the Santa claus.

875 days ago


His DNA is in that little box, duh.

875 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson NOT always had problem to sleep, when he was in Ireland he slept normally!!! Julien's auction always does things that shouldn't do like the bed matter WTF then they say they want "good relationships" damn to them!!!! And just not true personal nature after fame whore always talked bad about him for years saying nothing but lies, the last on Oprah when she also said she was not in the room with him and the boy and had nothing to do with that, wickedly --bitch!!! No wonder he moved her away!!! Then who said Michael Jackson was doctor shopping for propofol, it has been NEVER proved as it was NOT true, instead it has been PROVED that murderer bought propofol in LARGE quantity to have more money!!! Michael Jackson thought propofol could help him to sleep because DOCTORS told him it was suited, he thought he just needed to be monitored, he suffered from insomnia, anyone who suffers from insomnia would do anything to sleep, people suffering from insomnia are sedated in hospitals to help them to sleep!!!! Michael Jackson was NOT a doctor, he listened to what doctors told him and unfortunately he trusted murderer as his doctor and as also prosecutors said, his trust was MISPLACED!!!! Murderer is nothing but a sociopath mentally disturbed murderer and deserves nothing but to rot in jail and in hell!!!!

875 days ago


No wonder the fake marriage didn't last.

875 days ago


She shouldn't have put it up for auction in the first place.THIS WAS TOO PERSONAL!

What happened lisa? Do you feel guilt after so many years? shameless woman.

Michael doctorshopped for propofol?

I never read of that before? where is the evidence?

IF i am not mistaken the autopsy report mentioned NO SIGNS OF DRUG ADDICTION!

875 days ago


Maybe she wanted it yanked because he refers to himself as "Turd" and put a scratch and sniff box in. That's way creepier than not sleeping.

875 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Yeah thats not creepy from a normal guy, but a guy who had a secret room (filled with children stuff before he had kids) with motion detectors outside the main room its super creepy. And lets not forget the children he bought from other peopl and then paid maids to raise them, I feel terrible for them. But their book about the abuse will be epic I am sure.

875 days ago
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