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Jenna Jameson's Friend

I'm No Drug Pusher ...

Tito's Out to Get Me!

6/4/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tito Ortiz went behind Jenna Jameson's back to file for a restraining order against the porn legend's close friend ... telling filthy lies to the judge in the process -- so says the friend.

TMZ broke the story ... Tito filed the restraining order docs last week, asking an O.C. court to protect him and Jenna from Shana Burroughs, claiming Shana is a drug-fueled crazy person who stalks the couple and scares their children.

But Shana tells TMZ, she and Jenna have been close pals for years -- long before Jenna met Tito -- and now, the MMA fighter's gunning to sabotage their friendship.

According to Shana, Tito has it out for her because she refused to back him in 2010 when he went public with Jenna's drug problems.

Shana says Jenna had no idea Tito even filed restraining order docs until she confronted her.

As for Tito's drug allegations ... Shana insists she never brought a single drug (prescription or otherwise) into Jenna's home. She tells us, Jenna's DUI was not Shana's fault.

A hearing on the restraining order is scheduled for June 15.

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Sounds like a typical enabler-type friend.

840 days ago


this girl was on Cathouse! The show abou the Bunny Ranch. She's a new girl there and thinks she s too hot for it and ends up splitting in the middle of the night.

840 days ago


Let me tell you something about tito; he has absolutely no integrity. He will throw you under the bus for his absolute gain. tito has a years long reputation of using other people's money, never his own and Jenna Jameson is and will be his meal ticket for years to come because of the kids.
tito is a s***bag, lowest of the low. At the hearing, Shana should mention that tito should agree to a drug test. It would be very interesting to see his reaction. tito ortiz is a user of people. All he cares about is his image and money. Money is his whole world and if you are a guy or a girl, he will do whatever it takes to get their money into his pocket.
Jenna is a smart girl and I'm sure she realized this long ago about him, but there must be some kind of agreement between them, that she will support his ass for many years to come, if he in return does whatever she wants him to.
tito is merely a pool boy with no class or integrity. He is a user of people and drugs, so look closer at him and his real background. There are quite a number of skeletons in there.

840 days ago


Tito is a big douche. I used to love Jenna until she became lame like him. As for Shana, I don't know her personally but I would believe her before big douche Tito. This guy has major issues!

840 days ago


It’ll be interesting to see who Jenna backs up. Although I find it weird he’s trying to get a restraining order for a problem that could be solved by just not opening the door for the woman. There must be more going on.

840 days ago


Hey Shana, Call me!

840 days ago


Jenna is really starting to look like she's been rode hard and put away wet.

840 days ago


I knew Shana in HS. She was nothing but trouble then and clearly still is. Then again, a

840 days ago


I'm usually not a fan of a man telling me who to hang out with or when. However, this woman has known Jenna before Tito so I am guessing she thinks that she is in more control than Tito. I can see his point, this woman who hangs out with my wife is helping to keep her addicted. It is obvious that Jenna can't say no to the woman and needs a husbands help. If help is what she is in need of and this woman is not helping, I agree with Tito.. I know exactly what the woman is doing and she's not a friend at all..

840 days ago


A ho is a ho is a ho. Who cares about this whore and her butt ugly husband.

839 days ago


Umm... if there is a restraining order didn't Shanna clearly violate it by confronting Jenna about the do***ents?

839 days ago


A lot of us know Shana from HB and she did every thing to help this dried up pornstar, and she will always take titos side because she lives in his houses and pays the bills so she has a place to live. Poor broke pornstar.....................

826 days ago

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