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Kris Humphries

New Girl Looks Like Kim ...

from a Certain Angle

6/4/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0604_kris_humphries_Splash2If you were just looking at her ass, you'd swear the girl hanging with Kris Humphries on the beach yesterday was his ex Kim Kardashian. But from the front ... she's NO KK. Not even close.

Kris and the mystery brunette were spotted in Miami, but when they got wind of the photogs ... they quickly went in separate directions. A sign of new love?

Sources close to KH say, no -- the chick is just a neighbor who happened to sit down next to Kris ... but they're not dating.

While Kim has famously moved on to Kanye West, Kris has yet to publicly declare a successor to the Kim throne.

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No Avatar


TMZ stay reaching. How do they look alike? Just cause you do a story on Kris that doesnt mean you have to mention his soon to be ex.

849 days ago


This chick looks like a man. How can anyone say she's pretty. UGH You can not compare this thing to Kim.

849 days ago

Chim Chin    

I think that's his sister

849 days ago


He likes big ass.
the have more resistance

849 days ago


she's no kk. not even close? get your heads out of the kardashians asses, not EVERY female wants to look like this "kk" thing, i wear perfume not piss

849 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

First of all, I really don't like the word "ass" to refer to a female's posterior, butt, backside, etc. I believe it perpetuates the disrespectful objectivization of women. But I wonder if KH considers this woman "fat," like he allegedly considered Kim.

849 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ stop being so messy. Everyone is not interested in banging anything that is still for a minute.

By the way Kim looks like a plastic doll brought to life. Harv, you are no Kris

849 days ago


When did TMZ start hiring 8 year old's to write their stories?

849 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Not even close? No, shiite, Sherlock. She doesn't smell like Ray J, so?

849 days ago


What I see is some chick who thinks she looks like Kim who thought by sitting closer to KH she could get more attention. If she is HIS date, why is she sitting right up along side of that other guy and father away from Kris?

849 days ago


A bunch of stuck-up A-holes some of you are, measureing a womans qualities by the size of their bodies. For all you know, she could be the nicest person on Earth, but because she doesn't have a size 2 body, she just doesn't measure up. I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of pudgy, over eating, vomit inducing men and women posting on this site who can't even stand to look at themselves in their mirrors. Damn creeps!! Stay in hiding so we don't have to look at your ugly mugs.

849 days ago


Who gives a ****, this is not news. Pathetic.

849 days ago


So TMZ, you are so far up Kim's butt, you are now making fun of Kris' g/f. She most likely (has) more class, dignity and kindness than that piece of trash he married. As he learned, looks are definetly not everthing.

849 days ago

not surprised    

You're right, she doesn't look like K.K. The girl in this picture has her own hair, her own boobs, no lip filler or fake tan. She also isn't botoxed from head to toe and she can move her face to smile. I'm sure her butt is real also and wasn't poured by a cement truck like your precious K.K.s was TMZ. This girl in the picture also isn't staring a the camera and saying "look at me" like K-ho. For once you got a story right TMZ this girl does not come close to K.K. she is a down to earth girl who doesn't need to alter her body to get attention, she is happy with who she is and I'm sure the last person on this earth she would want to look like is K-ho. Now get your facts straight about her and Kris H. they are just friends, but because pimp mama Jenner didn't get her BS story in on time today you chose to bash Kris H. again. Not many people are buying your distain for Kris H. and your obvious love of the K-trash Klan. Read some of the comments Harvey and you'll see that Kris H. comes out on top everytime. Maybe you should start paying him for stories at least they would be true and worth reading. Truth!

849 days ago


1. That girl WISHES she looked like Kim.

2. Of course that is NOT Kris's girlfriend. Did you see him on the show? He's a Neanderthal. He doesn't even know how to talk to girl. He's like "Duh, uh, uh." Guy STFU.

849 days ago
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