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Lindsay Lohan

Don't I Look

JUST Like Liz Taylor?

6/4/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan all dressed up as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan is all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime -- and TMZ has obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full Liz Taylor wardrobe ... as she gets set to start filming her new movie.


As TMZ first reported, Lindsay had her hair and cut and dyed to look just like Taylor's classic 'do. The photo is all Lindsay ... no wig, no nothing.

Shooting on the movie starts this week with Grant Bowler from "True Blood" co-starring as Richard Burton.



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St James III    

no mon! No!

870 days ago


I think Liz Taylor's friends and fans in LA will be offendes by this movie and by Lohan. Don't piss off the only people who could of given you your career back Lohan.....BIG MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!

870 days ago


The hair is a total miss.
Liz was always know for her totally black hair and eyebrows...That was what mostly stood out about her.
Liz did NOT have a touch of red OR burnette in HER hair !!!

870 days ago


Many time in the past. Actors have portrayed people they don't come near looking like. So back off BITCHES!

870 days ago


Not even close !!!!

870 days ago


Funny how people think Taylor had class. Really? It must be coming from young people who never really knew Taylor's antics. She had as much class as a three dollar bill. She TRIED to be classily with her ridiculous voice.. while everyone in Hollywood knew she was a phoney. Class? What a joke. Lohan is perfect for this part if you go on class only. They both were good actors when they were children.

870 days ago


Lindsay Lohan playing Lindsay Lohan. She has that down pat.

870 days ago


That woman does not look like liz Taylor, not even close, What a bad choice.lmfao.

870 days ago


Just don't leave any of Liz's jewelry laying around! :)

870 days ago


For the people that just loooove to yammer on about how much of a piece of sh*t Elizabeth Taylor was, just shut up for a second and understand something. Taylor had charisma, mystique, grace, real talent and ethereal beauty. She may have drank, smoked, stolen husbands, and screwed around, but she didn't steal jewelry, carjack people while high on cocaine, get busted for DUI, go to jail, spend the bulk of her early 20s in court, rehab, or house arrest, walk around shoving fingers in her mouth that are covered in black filth, get sh*tty prison-grade tattoos all over her hands..... I could go on indefinitely.. but hopefully you f*cking get it already.

You cannot compare one to the other, because LL is on a whole other level of scandalous criminal trashiness. Without the talent.

870 days ago


OK for those that are pointing out that Liz was with many men, well she was married eight times because she didn't believe in having sex with a man unless you are married. As you can see it didn't work out to well for her. She had the right idea but just couldn't seem to make it work. Beautiful woman are the most insecure and need constant reassurance that they are desirable. The thing I didn't approve of was when Liz went after Debbie Renolds husband Eddy Fisher before marrying him.

870 days ago


She looks just like a stale, steaming stinky tvrd! WOW! The resemblance is uncanny, eh?

870 days ago


Good One TMZ..!!!!!
This one ought to be worth a few hundred hits of just pure out rage and disbelief.........
Hell they can't even get the Hair right.....Elizibeth Taylor NEVER went red in her life...dispiesed the color.. quoted as saying Red was a whores color....and she ought to know....being hollywood biggest one of her time but the she was a elegant one ..truly beautiful with natureal grace and elegance about her the Lindsay Lohan can never dupilcate.....
Looks just like "Lindsay Lohan dressing up like Elicabeth Taylor" just like "Lindsay Lohan dressing up like Marilyn Monroe"...I see no one put Lindsay Lohan Hollywood Queen of the Trash Whores......

870 days ago


What an utter insult to Elizabeth. I am sure if she were alive, she'd probably throw a fit about this, or laugh hysterically at this entire attempt of putting Lindsay in this role. Lindsay better do a fantastic job because she looks NOTHING like Liz.

870 days ago


I sure hope she can act because she looks and sounds NOTHING like Liz!

870 days ago
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