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Tanning Mom

Glamour Pics Reveal

HOTTIE Under That Hide

6/4/2012 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil modeling photosBrace yourself -- Tanning Mom used to be white, and kinda hot ... at least she was in a series of glamour pics she posed for in an attempt to break into the world of modeling.

Way back when TM, aka Patricia Krentcil, was in her 20s (think T-Rex) -- and before she turned her now infamous shade of leathery brown -- she took this headshot along with some cleavage-baring swimwear photos.

Krentcil, 44, has pled not guilty to child endangerment ... saying she never took her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. The case has been sent to a grand jury.


As for the glamour pics -- there are some doubts about whether the face has been photoshopped onto a hot body. For what it's worth ... our experts say it has been airbrushed, but the head appears to belong to the bod.


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If they are you pics I think she was gorgeous. In the large photo I think she looks a little like Meg Ryan. If u guys don't think those pics are hot I give up.

834 days ago

Elaine Palmer    

She looks like Chelsea Handler in these pics.

834 days ago


I think she was really pretty when she was young. A little like a young Meg Ryan. Really cute, girl next door type.

834 days ago

NM 156    

Looks totally fake... The headshot is real... the other ones are Photoshop.

833 days ago

Brian Glubok    

I'd still bang the bronzed, brainless, blonde bimbo. If I put a bag over her head first.

832 days ago


Damn what happened

831 days ago


tweekers never prosper

829 days ago


Look at those nasty claws. Eeeewwwww!

827 days ago


this was obviously before she had her lip liner tattooed hahaha idk who thinks thats attractive but shed look alot better if she never got it done. also, im not sure why she decided to lather her skin before she went on camera for the first time with nasty FAKE tanning creme but theres no way in hell that a caucasian woman can be as dark as she was on camera. she looked dirty, not tan. so stfu and quit giving this bitch her 15 mins of fame! i doubt the salon let her daughter in the room. ive worked at taning salons for 10 years and in illinois it is against the law to let 2 ppl in a tanning room together. i highly doubt her daughter was exposed to taning bed uvs.

827 days ago


Photoshopped or not,this stupid woman now has leather for skin,who does that now?She must have been very fair by the looks of her little girl,redhair and fair skin people do not go in the sun unless you wear sunscreen #50.I've been a redhead all my life and you never want to get a sunburn again once you're stupid enough to do it.

824 days ago


This skank has the balls to be a ***** wanna be.She's just not mother material and needs a shrink,who the hell does that,with or without ur kid in a tanning bed this is wrong on so many levels.I feel bad for her children and her husbands seems oblivious to the fact that his wife is changing colors right before his eyes.SAD BITCH,GET HELP!!!!!

823 days ago


There is a definite resemblance but the thing that makes me question it is the teeth. Her teeth look like stumps, now, and they look kind of crooked, too, what little you can see of them. If she has a five year old child, she couldn't have been young THAT long ago, that her teeth could have deteriorated that much!

818 days ago

Ulysses Morgenshrop    

Let's face facts, folks. Patricia went from near nudie cutie in her '20s to a HAG. I feel sorry for her, honestly.

793 days ago

Super G    

Believe it or not that is her. I've known her for a long time, she used to be pretty hot, even hotter than these pictures. These were taken about the year 2000 when she was 33 years old. Thats her body for sure and when she was in her 20's she used to stop traffic. I can't believe how hard she has hit the wall since then. Man when I saw her I thought OMG! She looks like she's aged 30 years! Unbelievable! Thats what drugs and alcohol will do to you along with a lot of Sun!

642 days ago
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