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Sheryl Crow

I Have a Brain Tumor

6/5/2012 2:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0605_sheryl-crow_gettySheryl Crow just announced she has a brain tumor -- but the singer insists ... there's nothing to worry about.

50-year-old Crow told the Las Vegas Review Journal, "I worried about my memory so much that I went and got an MRI. And I found out I have a brain tumor ... but it's benign, so I don't have to worry about it."

You'll recall -- Sheryl choked on stage last month in Florida, forgetting the lyrics to one of her most famous songs. She said, "I'm 50 what can I say! My brain has gone to s**t!"

It's unclear if the incident was related to her brain tumor.

The tumor is what's called a meningioma -- a growth that develops from the protective linings of the brain and spinal cord.

According to Sheryl's rep, it's a very common condition ... and the rock star is happy, healthy, and doing great. The rep didn't say if the singer plans to pursue surgery.

It's not Crow's first cancer scare either -- Crow successfully battled breast cancer back in 2006.

We got Sheryl out just last week at LAX and she looked great. 


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Diet F*cking Coke people. That and vegetarianism. Rob the body of protein and get sh*tty cells. Now she needs to stay away from all protein until she recovers. Gerson technique for you.

814 days ago



814 days ago


My mother was diagnosed by 2 different neurosurgeons with a 'supposedly' benign brain tumor, the same type as the one Sheryl is said to have - 3 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. However, when they operated, the brain tumor turned out to be malignant - related to her breast cancer, determined by the biopsy.
Even if it had been benign, it still would have required an operation since it was growing and causing impairment.

814 days ago


This explains some of here ridiculous behavior like telling people not to use toilet paper.

814 days ago

deborah Dillon    

Sorry, but having a benign meningioma brain tumor doesn't mean all's well - it depends on where its located within the brain, as is the case with all benign brain tumors. I was diagnosed with a benign meningioma a number or years ago, had ten hours of brain surgery and was sent home to die because the neurosurgeons didn't think they had been able to get it all because of it's location almost on top of a large blood vessel in the brain. The surgeons were wrong and I was lucky but being benign doesn't mean a brain tumor can't be deadly.

814 days ago


All of that liberal nonsense, lies, misinformation and distortions have accumulated to form the tumor. Glad it's benign but she's still a leftist hypocrite kook.

814 days ago


Damn! People are calling her a hag and wishing her dead? Sick.

814 days ago


FOR GOODNESS SAKE! What in the world does a "liberal" have to do with a serious medical problem??? GROW UP and wish this woman well and start praying (if you know how) that any devastating illness will not strike you or someone you love. Show some compassion for others, for a change, IF YOU DARE!!!

814 days ago


I knew something was wrong with her brain when she told everybody they should use just one square of toilet paper to wipe their azz a few years ago. Off topic: Did she ever find her missing top lip?

814 days ago


A benign brain tumour is "nothing to worry about"? That is one optimistic bish

814 days ago


At any given time most adults have form 20-30 small brain tumors,the antibodys in the blood eat them if and when the persons health is good.It is only when because of age or a failing amunity sytem that those brain tumors start to grow and not shrink and that is when they become a problem.

814 days ago


The medical comunitys make a living off of fear of.The treatment of radation give as much cancer as they cook.Eat well exercize and build as many antibodys as possible or be eaten by any germ or virus that trys to setup shop in the body.germs lead to invasion of the DNA by virus and no one can beat cancer without good antibodys build by a good diet and healthy body and cancer free enviroment

814 days ago

It's Dave    

A brain tumor would certainly explain why she proclaimed that people should only use one square of toilet paper per BM.

814 days ago


Some of these comments disturb me. Why would anyone say anything mean about someone because they have a tumour? Normal people just say that they wish her the best. I don't understand all the hate. Remember, Karma is a b*tch. You guys shouldn't be so quick to make fun and say nasty things... anyone of us could get a tumour next. I for one would only have NICE things to say to you all... too bad most of you would make fun of others and make nasty remarks. It's a sad day when people are actually happy someone has a tumour... wow.

814 days ago


Just because a tumor isn't cancerous doesn't mean it isn't harmful.
I have a brain tumor that overproduces hormones causing me great physical and mental issues.
It's not all about cancer, in fact noncancerous tumors are usually more insidious and damaging than cancerous tumors because they are ignored as being meaningless, which they are not.

814 days ago
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