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Stephen Baldwin

I'mma Kick Costner's Ass

... In Court

6/5/2012 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's day two in Stephen Baldwin's epic trial against Kevin Costner -- and Baldwin just showed up at the courthouse guns drawn ... ready to bring his A-game.

Baldwin arrived at New Orleans court moments ago with a big smile on his face -- claiming he feels great. Costner appeared slightly more stoic on his way inside.

TMZ broke the story ... Baldwin sued Costner back in 2010, claiming the actor tricked Baldwin into prematurely selling off profitable shares in a company that builds machines designed to clean up oil spills. The company later scored a $52 million deal with BP.

Baldwin wants $21 million in damages.


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Seriously, Stephen Baldwin, shut the **** up and go away. You’re a big boy and you sold those shares all on your own. Sucks that you made the wrong choice but you are a grown ass man so deal with the consequences of your decision.

840 days ago


I need a Director and wonder which Director will cast these two in a movie; it will be fantastic having them or watching them work side by side during this saga.

840 days ago


take the hit baldwin! no one twisted your arm! you always need remember to dot your t's and cross your i's...walk away with dignity. ..also, if you are the christian man you say you are, i dont think suing applies.

840 days ago


Maybe Stephen Baldwin should do his own research, instead of relying on what Costner or anyone else tells him verbally. If Baldwin pulled out of a business deal based on something he believed to be inside information, then that is insider trading, and that is illegal.

840 days ago


Can't stand these people !! Costner may have been shady but Baldwin sold the shares and therefore will lose this battle!!

840 days ago


Gotta love it when the 1%ers battle it out...

840 days ago


"Baldwin wants $21 million in damages."

My mother once told me..."It's okay to want."

840 days ago


Stephen, you need money ask Alec. Come up with something better than tricked and now wanting $21 million dollars. Hey it's it court bring your proof.

840 days ago


Since Costner has more class and talent in his pinky finger than ALL the Baldwins put together, Baldwin has to get bank SOMEHOW & what better way than to sue for it instead of working for it??? SUCH A CRUMB SNATCHER BALDWIN!!!!

840 days ago


This Stephen guy had professed to be a Christian. I guess money means much more for him.

840 days ago

Paul B    

Baldwin makes Prince A-Hole look like a Saint...All the Baldwins are pathetic C-Grade actors. This Hollywood lot are a complete and utter pack of A-Holes. Mel Gibson should sort them out with one of his tirades.....

840 days ago


I think Steve should have used his noggin', and put 2 and 2 together. i.e. the BP oil spill was going on and it didn't even dawn on him that his company and BP might do business when BP was desperate to get anything that had shown the remotest chance,or promise of working. Regardless of what advice a pal allegedly offered, I think I would "Trust but Verify" It sounds like he panicked that the product wasn't doing well or got greedy and wanted to "get while the get-tin' was good" In any event he should have looked into it further on his own or hired someone who was impartial to take an unbiased look at it. You see it all the time these people are too cheap to hire CPA's and auditors to look at their investments, then they get screwed and put the blame on everyone but themselves. This would apply to Mary Bilge as well. She supposedly put qualified staff in charge of her charity, and I'm sure the staff consisted of aunties and cousins! lol.

840 days ago


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840 days ago


There is already equipment available that would have cleaned up that BP mess in nothing flat. Our country has the capability and other foreign countries offered their equipment that would have sucked up the oil and stopped the flow. Obama wouldn't let them use it. He wanted a big mess.

840 days ago


So Stephen says he was tricked?..I don't believe it for a min. Not only is he in control of his decisions he's a grown man who I think is capable of checking things out himself and then making a desicion. Boohoo


840 days ago
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