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Jim Carrey

Calls Out Jenny McCarthy


6/6/2012 11:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jim Carrey
has lashed out at his former GF Jenny McCarthy for ragging on him for not keeping a relationship with her autistic son.

Carrey says, "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered.  I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

Jenny went after Carrey on Howard Stern's show, saying, "I've tried to ask [Jim] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks." Jenny says Jim -- who was in a 5-year relationship with her -- refuses to see the boy.

But a source close to Jim tells us, Jenny has NEVER personally contacted him about seeing her son.

As for Jenny's timing -- sources close to Jim think it's strangely coincidental Jenny is making these accusations right when her new dating show is premiering ... two years after she and Jim broke up.

It's pretty clear from Jim's statement that he acknowledges he doesn't see the boy, though he does not explain why. Obviously, it's possible Jim has been told it would be harmful to the boy if he comes in and out of his life, although we don't know why he's made that decision.


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Jenny did an interview with Oprah and said she had been rather manipulative at times in her relationship. Also said she sought the support of a therapist in ensuring that she was doing what she needed to do to help her son cope with the break-up. Now all of a sudden she is ragging on Jim who is NOT the father. Why is the kids father not in her life? She manipulate that relationship too. Nobody wants to be with you Jenny you are crazy!!!

815 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

When you say "refuse" you make it sound like he has a malicious intent. If he feels it's best to stay away, that's what he feels is best. It's shady trying to shame or guilt JC publicly.

815 days ago


I have HEARD and READ in MANY interviews she claims her son is CURED of autism??? If he is indeed "cured" as SHE claims... then at 10 years old he should be able to understand why Carrey is nolonger around... Carrey IS NOT that childs FATHER period... I think JC is taking the right approach and not wanting to give the child and mixed messages or expectations...

SHE IS DATING A NEW GUY right? WHY bring this up now??? The new guy better think TWICE before getting too involved with her son...

815 days ago


I just read a story from 2010 that said Jim Carey give this woman a $50 million trust so she and Evan would always be taken care of --- AND THIS IS HOW SHE REPAYS HIM? Some nerve.

815 days ago

a short haired girl    

wait, i thought it turned out that her son did not have autism, but something else entirely.

815 days ago


She is and will always be a pile of ****. She is teaching her child a very poor lesson with this kind of behavior as well. Guess that is what he gets for ****ing a brainless bimbo though...

815 days ago


he's not the daddy he was the payroll for mommy i agree it ended and best to stay away maybe the kid's father should really look at why this woman keeps putting this young boy in the media and using him for her own media whore ways

815 days ago


You just know that if it was the other way around and he really wanted to keep up a relationship with her son she'd be like "screw you, you have no legal right to see my son".

815 days ago


So you are telling me that people who break up still are obligated to see the ex's kids even tho they aren't yours? That is insane. Jenny is way out of line.

815 days ago


Maybe she should direct her concerns about who is a role model for her son to the boy's actual father - not to an ex-boyfriend. Jim Carrey has no lifetime obligation to her child.

815 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Ahhh Jenny, so attractive, yet you just can't keep that trashy side down! Keep your big mouth shut, you're not that young anymore. Attention is your thing, I get it, which is why you are once again stripping for Playboy, but matters of your child belong in PRIVATE! AND, you broke up with Jim, what does he owe you? Sporadic visits with your son when it used to be different would do more harm and cause more confusion. Grow up Jenny MTV!!

815 days ago


This should be done IN PRIVATE`` Jenny!!
Jim IS NOT `` the father!
Do your JOB and let the kid have
a relationship
with HIS OWN``````` bio father!

815 days ago


how bout you get the kids real dad to take care of him, Jim was interested in your p*ssy Jen, not your kid

815 days ago


They were not married. If they relationship ended on bad terms why would he keep in contact just take care and love her child. Leave Jim Carrey alone.with her child. He is not the father or step father. He was the boyfriend. She needs to get on with her own life and just love her son.

815 days ago


It's unfortunate that Jenny M. felt the need to bring her minor son & Jim C. as a way to get publicity for her new show..... No one knows what really happened between the two or why the breakup not to mention that Jim C. is not the father of this child.......
All for publicity for awareness of her new show.

815 days ago
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