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Kris Humphries

Got Himself a New Girlfriend!

6/6/2012 5:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Myla SinanajKris Humphries SAYS he's not dating the chick he was laying side-by-side with on a beach in Miami Saturday, but we know differently.

Kris claims 25-year-old Fatmire Sinanaj (she goes by Myla, and you would too) was just a neighbor whom he had never met before and she just happened to walk out on the beach when he was being photographed. But we found out he flew her from New York City to Miami to spend the weekend with him.

0605_kris_humphries_girlfriend_splash_dateAnd get this ... We're told they've been seeing each other for months -- since mid-January.

Kris -- who has been telling people he was devastated when Kim Kardashian left him and filed for divorce -- has been seeing Myla a lot ... meeting at various basketball games. We're told Kris provided Myla and her family with courtside seats at some of the games, even allowing her in the area leading up to the locker room. Check out the photos.

Myla works at a prominent, 5-star hotel in New York. They met at the hotel, where she sometimes helped him with various requests.

We tried to reach Myla for a comment but couldn't get a hold of her. Kris had no comment.

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cute! good for him

836 days ago


what hotel in NYC???????

836 days ago



836 days ago


Considering Kris is as dumb as a box of rocks... I expect that Myla is working her gold digging skills to get what she can get. Shake is sister... your shelf life is about to expire.

836 days ago


Okay I just went through picture gallery,omg! This girl is a poser. She has tried to style herself after Kim. You could see that some of her gestures she's attempting to make which are signature Kim. Now I can see why Kim started dating Kanye because Kris had already started to date Fatma. Thank God Kim got away from the "Wierdo"! He deserves Fatma but I;m almost feeling sorry for her as well. Maybe coming from a middle east background it might work well for her to adjust to the Ogre's wishes.

836 days ago


Wow TMZ, you have become SOOOOO transparent - it is obvious you are being paid to make the Kardashians look good. Kris Humphries deserves to find happiness,he has done nothing wrong - his mistake was actually thinking that marrying a whore like Kim would be a good idea, that she had changed. She will be a whore forever. And please, don't make fun of his new girlfriend's name, that is just childish and bullying behavior. Or are you being paid for that too? Just stop it. Leave Kris H alone.

836 days ago


Well...first of all...the ONLY reason all the Cali players are in the news, etc, is because of all the press they get from the "celebrities" that sit courtside. The team is good, BUT, there's lots of others that don't get as much of "media time".
The Nets won a title, lots of other teams do the same. Lamar Odom LOOKED good on the Lakers because everyone ELSE made him look good. Then, again, true to "Hollywood", he hooks up with a family only known because the whore daughter got pissed on. BOOM!! In the news!!
Anyone EVER bother to look at Humphries stats??? NOPE!! Just because his name wasn't "out there" and "celebrities" don't frequent NJ games, he remained unknown. BELIEVE ME, I'm MORE than sure he'd rather it go back to that!!
Odom blames his piss poor playing on "family" matters....ya think Humphries didn't have "family" matters?? Being made the fool by a fat ass c**t and the laughing stock of NJ, isn't something to blame poor performance on??
Odom blamed EVERYTHING on that as an excuse for his SH.*T playing anf cried like a wuss.
Humphries played in 62 games, racking up 2162 minutes on the court. Not bad for a "nobody". At least HE didn't let his team down...he played ball...it's NOT always getting a title, but how a person plays on THEIR team and behaves like a PROFESSIONAL!!!

836 days ago


Who cares about these people, they aren't artists, and neither is Kim K (can't wait until her 15 mim are over).

I am so tired of people who comment on ANY girl with long black hair as trying to automatically replicate Kim's appearance (as if she;s some goddess that we all aspire to be).
Kim K was not the first person on the planet to part her hair in the middle and dye it back lol....get over it. If anything Kim K is 99% plastic from head to toe and lets not forget her disgusting personality.

836 days ago


Good for him! Is he suppose to mope around for the whore of KK? Please, she acted like she was devasted over the marriage, yet her and her nasty bf are writing songs about this guy a few months after their split. BTW KW has nothing to do with KW but hes dissing him because KH was with KK first? I dont get it. KH deserves to move on........ you too TMZ sounds like you are on the Kartrashians payroll to diss others

836 days ago

john johnson    

she got a nice butt....so why is the OTHER chic outshinning her in all the pics??

836 days ago


Kriss, Glad your not a Kardashian door mat. get your ring back.

836 days ago

buzz kill    

So What!

836 days ago


Maybe he denied it because he doesn't want TMZ and the rest of the gang in his personal business. Maybe, just maybe he had enough of the public spectacle kind of relationship he had with his last mistake. Good for him if he doesn't want "lights, camera, action" ALL the time.

836 days ago


All of Mary Kay couldn't help that caked face.

836 days ago


Good for Him.....

836 days ago
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