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Mark-Paul Gosselaar

I LOVED 'Saved by the Bell'

But the Writing ...

6/7/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone can chill out -- Zack Morris says he didn't totally slam "Saved by the Bell" ... and insists his words were "taken out of context" in a controversial interview.

TMZ just spoke to Mark-Paul Gosselaar about the Yahoo! story in which he's quoted as saying of 'SBTB' ... "It's not a great show." Those words ignited an uproar on the Internet this week, but Mark told us, "I'm proud of that show and have no problem talking about it."

Mark does admit calling the show's writing "cheesy"... but says, "That's why people like it! I wasn't saying it was a bad show, just that the writing reflected" '80s cheesiness.

MPG says he's "bummed" his words were twisted, and adds ... "everything I've ever done after the show has pointed to me having nothing but respect for it."

Go Tigers!

We reached out to the writer of the Yahoo! post, and he says, "I stand by my story 100 percent." He says Mark's quote, "It's not a great show. The writing is kind of hokey" ... is verbatim, and on tape.


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Hokey is a synonym with cheesy. Isn't it? Furthermore, not a great show? Of course it wasn't. It was aimed at teens and not appealing to most adults. That makes it not a great show!!!!

777 days ago

uhhh duhhh    

If you weren't watching Matlock or Barney YOU were watching SBTB! Shut up and admit it! Come on, seriously, I am far from a huge fan (even though i did have huge crushes on most the people on that show), but seriously aknowledge your generation people! Admit the second you saw peach fuzz and thot you were tooo old for saturday morning cartooons, you were watching zack and kelly! SBTB is the welcome back cotter, mary tyler moore, barney, the wiggles of "our" time and we should stand tall and be just as proud of "our" corny sitcoms.

777 days ago


Whatever the show was or wasnt, it sure beats the crap reality shows we have now.

777 days ago


Just because he said it wasn't a "great" show doesn't mean he thinks it was a BAD show. The show wasn't great.....big deal. I think his point was that they weren't exactly winning Emmy's but for some reason, it seems to have resonated with people.

777 days ago


People need to chill out - It WAS a hokey/cheesy ridiculous show.

777 days ago


What I want to know is, Why are people giving interviews to Yahoo in the first place? Yahoo is the last place I go for news or info on anything...

777 days ago


Hot damn! He's aging well :-)

777 days ago


He stated a matter of fact. Everyone liked it because enjoyable cheese. Why would there be any issue with this? Once again tabloid media creating a story and anointing themselves the barometer of public opinion. I doubt there was any scientific poll taken, nor do I recall an internet uproar.

777 days ago


Please, yahoo news is well known for printing whatever their writers want without editing or cross checking any of their stories...

777 days ago

BB not bb    

I think he is being honest. I agree with him. I never understood how people could stand to watch that show or take it seriously. I would try but it was just so dumb I couldn't relate to it at all. Some of the acting was okay but the writing I think was pretty bad.

I think it is like a version of the Canadian show Degrassi but not as intense or well thought out. Some of the messages in Degrassi aren't so great though, so I guess you choose your poison.

777 days ago


And their problem is? If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck? Yeah, it's a duck! I mean seriously, he's not telling us anything we don't already's still funny sh*t

777 days ago


He's right. It is and was not a good show. The writing was hokey. It also (like most shows) repurposed scripts from older shows. It's just the nature of the beast.

I don't know about you folks, but I am really getting bored with all of these pointless "uproars" over nothings. People need to get a life and chill out.

777 days ago


Why wasn't he saying that when he was on the show saying all those stupid lines??? Because he was breaking into the business and had to do something. Now that he is trying to become a "serious" actor he disses the show that made him famous,
True, the show is fluff and hokey and corny but that's what the show WAS. it wasn't supposed to be Shakespeare. I bet everyone on this board at sometime or another, whether drunk, stoned, bored, etc watch it at 3 am when nothing else is on but infomercials I know I do, and did

777 days ago


I get what he's saying, the cheesiness is what made it a good show though... We were kids watching, I mean look at what kids are watching today...

777 days ago


I liked, liked that show

777 days ago
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