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Stuttering 'AGT' Contestant

On the Chopping Block


6/8/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Producers of "America's Got Talent" are going to edit stuttering G.I. fraud Timothy Poe's appearance in the upcoming Las Vegas show ... the open question is whether Poe will be 86'd from the show altogether.

TMZ broke the story ... Timothy is NOT the soldier in a photo used during his melodramatic audition segment Monday night -- and the army has no record he was ever injured in Afghanistan ... as he had claimed.

"AGT" producers told TMZ Tim gave them the photo -- and they aired it without questioning him.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... there will "definitely be edits" and producers are currently discussing exactly what they will cut and what if anything they will keep.

We just spoke with "AGT" judge Howie Mandel, who tells us, "I was blown away that I was totally taken in," adding, "I'm really angry with the guy."

Howie believes Poe won't be disqualified from the show. Rather, he thinks producers will let Poe continue performing, but now he'll be known as a liar and not a war hero. Good luck in front of Howard Stern.


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This guy does have talent\!! He's scripted a role and played it off well- without acting lessons. His niche is with the Hollywood crowd. I'm sure an Academy Award is waiting in the wings for him in the category of Best Liar in a scary movie. He's a natural. Any relation to Edgar Allan Poe? Shame on him for misrepresenting himself.

869 days ago


I blame the need for melodramatic moments as much as someone's willingness to lie. Nothing like turning on a show such as "Chopped" on the Food Network and having someone declare that they're there to win because they're gay. What? I want to hear something like "I'm here to win because I'm hungry".

869 days ago


Man I feel for the guy though ... I don't know what the real backstory is, but if he's got anything near PTSD and this is going on with him in the middle of it, he might do something to harm himself to make sure that his family isn't harmed. Not a good situation, they seriously need to vett the contestants better because when you take a non-celebrity and give them the spotlight when they aren't right in the head, things can get ugly real quick.

869 days ago


Haha Howie's never been "really angry" in his life, he's like a real-life version of his character Bobby from Bobby's world.

869 days ago


We should forgive and forget what he did. He will have to deal with God for his actions. I say let him sing.

869 days ago


won't be disqualified from the show? smh -say what you want about simon cowell but if this was his show this Guy would be out already so fast

869 days ago


This guy lies more than Obama.

869 days ago


He has a right to tell his side of the story before people jump all over him. If he really does have a brain injury, it could be affecting his judgement, or there may be things we don't know. If he did lie, it doesn't make him a great person at this point in his life. But if I judge him without even knowing the full story, that doesn't make me a great person either.

869 days ago


If you have at least one judge publicly saying they are angry with you, it's really best to just bow out now. You don't have a prayer of going any further in the competition.

869 days ago


Records on The
Okay if you look at these medical record #2 at the top right the date 28 Feb 06 ….then look at the bottom left DOB (date of birth) 14 Jul 1976 age 33. okay now then, 2006 was 6 years ago and he was 33 years old by this record. And on the AGT show he says he is 35 years old, if his birthdate is July 14, 1976 he would be 35 years old today on July 14, 2012 he will turn 36 years old. Okay in 2006, 6 years ago he would be 30 years old!!! This record says he is 33 years old!! If he got hit by a grenade on the right side of his face, it would have blew him up. His whole story is a big lie!

869 days ago


why all the fuss. the show loves to promote these sob stories but let them through to the next round. remember those sisters last year with the cystic fibrosis claim, they were awful, but let through several rounds because of their sob story

869 days ago


he won't be disqualified? smh say what you want about simon cowell but if this was his show this guy would be out already

869 days ago


He broke one of the main rules of show business. You don't lie about yourself until AFTER you're famous.

869 days ago



Doug Sterner Says:
June 8th, 2012 at 2:33 pm
The question that keeps arising is the “WHY (do people do this?). Aside from a potential $1 million prize in the ATG case, the fact is, most of these SV Cases are committed by people with an otherwise criminal bent. Barbara Bently has written an excellent book about her marriage to one such phony (Navy Admiral who claimed a MOH) titled “A Dance With the Devil.” Ultimatly, her husbant attempted to murder her. She explains the “WHY” very well: “Psychopaths/sociopaths love to assume roles where honest citizens automatically give trust without question. John (her former husband) did this with portraying himself as a retired admiral and wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor. He even fooled the navy!”

These are USUALLY not cases of poor souls with low self-esteem and some mental problems (excuses that often result in our feeling some level of sympathy for the Phony Heroes), they are pathological liars and manipulators who do this for personal gain, power, prestige, and are often accompanied by other serious additional crimes.

869 days ago


TMZ is STILL claiming they broke the story. Not so! Anyone interested in seeing who REALLY investigated and broke this story, tune in to 20/20 tonight on ABC!

869 days ago
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