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I'll Have Another

Scratched from Belmont


6/8/2012 8:38 AM PDT UPDATED: 6/8/2012 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

I'll Have Another will not be the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years -- the thoroughbred has been scratched from tomorrow's Belmont Stakes ... and may never run again.

The horse's trainer Doug O'Neill just dropped the bombshell on "The Dan Patrick Show" ... confirming the rumors that I'll Have Another was indeed injured. He was not specific, but said there was a "little problem" with the left hind leg.

O'Neill said his horse seemed fine "to the eye" -- but clearly, something changed this morning ... just one day before I'll Have Another could have become just the 12th Triple Crown winner in history.

I'll Have Another had already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness -- but O'Neill says the horse will not race again for at least 3 months, and could possibly be done for good.

A news conference is scheduled this afternoon in New York.

10:20 AM PT -- I'll Have Another's trainer Doug O'Neill just spoke at a news conference, claiming the horse had developed tendonitis in its left front leg ... and that's why IHA was pulled. According to the trainer, the horse is now officially RETIRED.

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No Avatar


They race the hell out of these beautiful horses. Sometimes they have to put them down right on the track. Sport of kings B.S.

864 days ago

You Know It's True    

juicing and caught?

864 days ago


I am so glad that they aren't abusing the horse and have used sound judgement. These days who knows. I wish the best of luck for the horse and his new life!

864 days ago


so glad they didn't run him so another dead horse from racing. Believe me, the only reason they didn't run him was the $. Otherwise, they'd run him, he'd be further injured, and then they'd kill him. Wake up, people. Don't watch these races. It perpetuates a cruel industry.

864 days ago


Didn't they find a dead jockey or groom at one of those tracks? Maybe the "little problem" was a warning...

864 days ago


Such a beautiful champion. I hope he will retire to pasture.

864 days ago


Wow, that would of been a wonderful race, and history in the making. Doug is a great trainer and cares about the horses and the game, has the best vets, and if he hadnt scanned his legs, no one would be the wiser, but because Doug cares about his horses, scratched the horse.And most trainers, grooms and all the front line carers for horses, care and love the animals. Thoroughbreds are bred to race, everyone who is bashing the sport, doesnt have a clue, they have never worked on the backside, dont no anything.
Stop the ignorance, judgement, go and get a tour on the backside, talk to the hotwalkers, grooms, trainers, assistants. Its a huge industry that provides feed guys, farmers, saddleries, etc.......with work, that put back into the economy. Do you guys know what the people on the back stretch are making?????**** all, they are all scraping by, on below miniumum wage. Only a very few trainers make any real money, and the owners that win big, are not doing it for the purse, they are doing it for the love of the horses, ego and they put a lot of money into the game. Do you people know how much it takes to get a thoroughbred to the races????It cost alot, breaking them, feed, training, vet, blacksmith, etc.... Its a sport for kings, middle class are'nt buying throughbreds. Its the super wealthy or a bunch of middle class sharing a horse 12 ways, and splitting the bills.
Racing is great, the game is great, the people who care and love for the horses are great. Horses love running, the are flight animals, if they didnt love it, you couldnt get them into the gate, and if they still didnt like it, they would come to a complete stop.
So for all the animal rights people, go to the barns, and check it out, and go riding at some riding school, and watch how fast will run off with you, go on I dare you!!!!!!!
I'll have another has a lovely owner, lovely trainer and is well well cared for, get better soon and enjoy your time at stud, and running about in the pastures. You have made history!!!!!!!!

864 days ago


Please don't kill that beautiful horse and give him a good home.

864 days ago


So pleased the owner pulled the horse from the race instead of running him and ruining his leg. For once, money did not talk and this stallion will be used for breeding and passing those good genes on. In an industry run on the slender legs of these beautiful animals, the decisions to save the horse over the profit that could be realized from the race is the right one. I can wait till next year.

864 days ago

Grouchy Marps    

I was looking forward to seeing him win the Triple Crown. I'm tired of Sarah Jessica Parker's name being the last on that list.

863 days ago
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