Courteney Cox Responds to Divorce WHO NEEDS A LAWYER!?!

6/13/2012 3:41 PM PDT

Courteney Cox Responds to David Arquette's Divorce Petition


Courteney Cox
has filed legal docs responding to David Arquette's divorce petition, and just like David ... she did it without a lawyer.

The most interesting thing about Courteney's papers -- there is no mention of a prenup.  Sources connected with the couple have indicated to TMZ, no prenup exists, and if that's the case the money they both earned in the 12 1/2 years they were together would be community property and divided 50/50.

That's especially important because for the last 5 years of "Friends" Courteney was pulling in a fortune -- and David would be entitled to half.  She's reportedly worth $75 mil.  He's worth $18 mil.

Courteney, like David, is asking for joint physical and legal custody of 8-year-old Coco. 

Courteney also wants her name restored to Courteney Cox -- in other words, she wants to 86 Arquette.

Courteney filed the docs last Friday -- the same day David did.  And there are signs from the documents that she and David filled them out together.  For example, they both say they are represented by "SELF."