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When in Rome ...

Flash Your Ass!

6/13/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Madonna unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old buttAfter flashing her nipple in Turkey the other day, Madonna continued to strip down on the latest stop of her body part peep show tour by showing off her mother-of-four butt in Italy on Tuesday.

While performing her hit song "Human Nature" again, the Queen of Pop unzipped her pants and exposed her lacy thong-clad 53-year-old taut backside to the crowd at Rome's Stadio Olimpico.

With controversial swastika references, Lady Gaga jabs and plenty of MILF nudity, Madge's MDNA tour has something for, er, everyone.


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840 days ago


Tired old worn out hag looking for another 15 minutes of "fame". Disgusting really.

840 days ago


She looks way better for her age than most women in the twenties and thirties I know. Gotta give her that.

840 days ago

Throwback kid    

Madonna reminds me of the over the hill athlete who doesn't know when to hang up the cleats. There is a reason her recent album plumeted the second week on the charts, her tim of being relevent has come and gone. Now she is just a pathetic 53 year old woman who can't believe it is over for her. Give it up Grandma, if not for yourself how about for the sake of your children? They have to be so embarrassed to have a mother who acts like this. Madonna has really turned into a sad old lady

840 days ago


As a child of the 80s, I grew up with Madonna. I remember watching her evolve into a beautiful woman during her, "Ray of Light, "days.

Now, she just seems completely ridiculous! Yes, she has a great body, but grow the heck up!

840 days ago


How do you spell, "Desperation."

Album isn't selling, so get naked and attack a fellow artist. Sorry, I'm not buying it- you've gotten enough of my money. I still don't understand why my male gay friends worship her.

840 days ago


Seriously - go away already! Show at least a little class and cover up your overly surgically altered face and body. Pathetic attempt to stay relevant - the ego is truly frightening. How embarrassing for her kids!

840 days ago



840 days ago


Grow up. Do you think anyone is interested in that Old Stuff?

840 days ago


Wow - have issues in aging much?
I am 51 yrs. old and look younger but once you exploit that quality you will find that it is no longer impressive and others will simply see you as a washed up shell of what you once were....

Plat it down Madonna, not up.

840 days ago


This is so freaking hilarious! All the freaking JADED monsters cant wait to jump on the Madonna bus. Ha ha, the one laughing is the Queen, all her concerts are pretty much sold out throughout the world, so your negative comments wont do **** as they have failed in the past! You pathetic ignorant monster should be opening up a book and learn your facts before posting anything! Madonna is and will always be the biggest selling artist in History! She has had 4 consecutive #1 albums, the most successful tour by a solo artist in history, the most watched superbowl halftime show in the history of the game, topping the game itself! she has been inducted in the Rock N Roll hall of fame! At 53, she is still selling out stadiums, debuting at #1, music does not sell as it used to that is a fact. Madonna is still making news because of her performances on stage. Lady Crap Crap only makes news when the tranny is falling on her fat horse face or her dancers are beating the **** out of her with a stick! Ha Ha! Stupid tranny give it up. Her show are not selling out!, Plenty of tickets in Australia. Madonna will be hitting Australia next year! Madonna has been around for 25+ and is sitll a force to be recon with. So keep talking your **** you stupid ignorant sons of bitches! Your ugly negative comments wont make The Queen go away, it just proves how powerful and relevant she still is, since shes pissing all you pathetic monsters. Why dont you go jump off a bridge or something, spare us all another lack luster attempt for Lady Crap Crap to gain some attention by dedicating songs to you pathetic LOSERS!

840 days ago


nice ass

840 days ago


Okay, she is great shape but a "lady" over 50 should keep her goods under wraps

840 days ago


that is one ugly hag!

840 days ago


Now that's just gross...


840 days ago
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