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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

Student Wants $1 MILLION

In Damages

6/15/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Malibu High School student who was allegedly slapped in the face by her teacher multiple times -- in front of her entire class -- has officially placed the school on notice ... she wants $1 million for humiliating her ... or else.

15-year-old 9th grader Dionne Evans just filed a claim for damages with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, demanding a total of $1,010,000 -- $1 mil for pain and suffering, $10,000 for psychological expenses.

According to the document filed by legal pitbull Donald Karpel, the teacher committed battery on Evans by slapping her several times on the face on May 22nd ... using a scene from the movie "Bridesmaids" as inspiration.

The school now has 45 days to resolve the issue -- by either paying up or settling -- or Evans can file suit, dragging the school district to court.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is currently conducting a criminal investigation. The NAACP is conducting its own investigation.

For the school's part, it looked into the incident and decided the teacher only "pat" Evans. The school has no plans to place the teacher on administrative leave.


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Hey,I got the strap three times when I was young and suffered pain and humuliation,according to her logic,I'm owed three million dollars by next week or else!

863 days ago


Good luck with that honey! Too many witnesses saying she did NOT slap you. And they're telling exactly what kind of person both YOU and the teacher are. And you aren't measuring up sweety! =(
I guess someone who steals (which she has been accused of by someone on THIS site in comments) will also LIE to make bank. Huh?
Girlfriend done thought she won the lottery! Lol.....I wouldn't start counting "your" million yet!!

863 days ago


Get over it, Dionne. Ain't gonna happen.

863 days ago


There is no credibility to her story. I'm sure it was a pat. Highly doubt a teacher would slap any student like that unless they are off their rocker. Nobody said she slapped her either. Story doesn't add up and this bitch is lying! Trying to make a quick buck.

863 days ago


I don't agree with her trying to get $$ at all but a teacher has absolutely no reason to ever put their hands on a child's face, even if she (the teacher) says it was a pat. Regardless of this girls past history, the teacher should not be placing her hands on the child.

863 days ago


And now we know what all this hoopla was about. $$$$$$ I hope they don't settle. It's bogus claims like this one that drain our school systems resources, that ends with cutting teachers and so forth. Let her take them to court and see what a jury says.

863 days ago


Regardless of this student's reputation, the school admitted that her teacher did "TOUCH HER" and "IT WASN'T A "LOVE PAT"!!! Frankly, I have to wonder what would happen, if the teacher, in question, WAS AFRICAN AMERICAN and the student was "WHITE" or "LATINO"??? I suspect the teacher would have been "FIRED" and the school would be "APOLOGIZING" for her rather "UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT"!!! I have "NO DOUBT" THEY WILL SETTLE and Dionne will be ATTENDING ANOTHER SCHOOL!!! The "DIZZY AZZ" TEACHER SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!!! I DON'T THINK SHE WILL BE PLACING HER HANDS ON ANY OTHER STUDENTS!!!

863 days ago


Stay in that school and get an education, because there will be no payday for you.

863 days ago


This is the other side of the entitlement coin, if they are too "upscale" for welfare & EBT, then they grab the nearest ambulance chasing lawyer and sue for all they can get. If she wins, I wonder how many $1000.00 pairs of Nikes she plans on buying.

863 days ago


I am just nt buying her claim. She should have an entire class full of witnesses on her side yet there doesn't seem to be any. And her claim amounts are beyond ridiculous. Plus the whole playing the race card and getting the NAACP invilved is sickening.

863 days ago


That's messed-up! Yeah, the teacher should be fired and prosecuted for battery IF the teacher really slapped her. However, now, I believe the school when they said the teacher just was pretend "patting". This girl needs to get over it and stop trying to get money off of this. She wasn't physically injured. And why did the student let the teacher "slap" her "several times" "in the face" "in front of the class" to begin with?!? The student is partly to blame because of her own stupidity. She's just another money-grubber.

863 days ago


And there it is everyone-
The first to bring out racial comparison. IF she were "white".........
Well, she WASN'T so drop the sh!t. The kid is a rude, obnoxious, mouthy, thieving. BRAT!!! And she would still be a rude, obnoxious, mouthy, thieving, brat if she were white, latino, vietnamese, or flucking PURPLE!!!!!!
AND, seeing as the parents are basically attempting to EXTORT the Malibu school district (pay me OR ELSE!)., it seems this apple didn't fall to far from the tree!!!
She wasn't *humiliated*, she was PISSED OFF because the teacher called her out on not having her work-once AGAIN!!!!
A "pat", where she probably didn't even make contact with her face, at a distance it would appear as if she may have. And "slapping" her has already been called out as an out and out lie!

863 days ago


It's people like these who are looking for an easy payday. Get a job and stop wasting the courts time with this lawsuit. Whether it was a tap or a slap; the teacher did not have the right to put their hands on you, but it does not warrant a million dollar lawsuit.

863 days ago


She embarrassed herself. The school isn't the one who brought these accusations to the public. Sounds to me like they embellished the story in order for the school to want to settle rather than go to court. Looking to make a quick buck.

863 days ago


Hmm...why is it that certain cultures will sue for anything? All they see is "payday."

863 days ago
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