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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

Student Wants $1 MILLION

In Damages

6/15/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Malibu High School student who was allegedly slapped in the face by her teacher multiple times -- in front of her entire class -- has officially placed the school on notice ... she wants $1 million for humiliating her ... or else.

15-year-old 9th grader Dionne Evans just filed a claim for damages with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, demanding a total of $1,010,000 -- $1 mil for pain and suffering, $10,000 for psychological expenses.

According to the document filed by legal pitbull Donald Karpel, the teacher committed battery on Evans by slapping her several times on the face on May 22nd ... using a scene from the movie "Bridesmaids" as inspiration.

The school now has 45 days to resolve the issue -- by either paying up or settling -- or Evans can file suit, dragging the school district to court.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is currently conducting a criminal investigation. The NAACP is conducting its own investigation.

For the school's part, it looked into the incident and decided the teacher only "pat" Evans. The school has no plans to place the teacher on administrative leave.


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I think she needs to get slapped again! Extorting the school for a million dollar$, what a moron, like the school has that kind of money. Now go your homework and shut the hell up!

837 days ago


i hope this bitch gets a boot in her ass. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

837 days ago


Its incredible that the whole class is against her and she has NO wittnesses to agree with her on how she said the incident went down......She must be one hell of a student/person to not have atleast one student come forward to have seen the "slap".

837 days ago

Mason H    

This is what being famous for nothing teaches kids/their supposed parents today. If you have aren't driving around in a Bentley, exaggerate and sue for a million dollars!

837 days ago


HA! Yeah like they are going to give a 25yr old 1,010,000! just a get rich & famous scam that girl is trying to pull nice try, but giving a 15 yr. old that amount of money is the stupidest thing they could do she doesn’t know what to do with it all, and being slapped isn’t worth that amount. Not to mention there is no evidence that the teacher slapped you and if she did maybe you shouldn’t have been a mouthy bitch to deserve it. Plain and simple.

837 days ago


LMFAO $1 million for what? Dont settle withthsi spoiled brat who is just trying to get rich quick. Let it go to court so she can perjur herself and if she gets any settlement money which she shouldnt it will all go to the attorneys for fees which will be a good lesson for her in economics.

837 days ago


This student/student's parents have a lot of balls! They probably have Jesse Jackson & that other guy urging them to sue for 1million dollars? SAorry but when i was in school, if you did not do the assignments or bring your books to class, then you were called out on it by the teacher in front of the entire class! This is a bad lesson to teach kids!!!

837 days ago


I would LOVE to see this go to court and be streamed live.
Lets see how embarrassed she is after that.

837 days ago


i blame the parents!

837 days ago


And a scam artist have been born! 15 years old and she is desperately trying to get rich quick.

837 days ago


I live in Chicago where every week black teens are killing other black teens...where is the NAACP in these cases or are they just investigating these situations case by case?

837 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA ... she wants a million ... guess what ... it's California ... the SCHOOL DISTRICT would like a million too !!!!!!

837 days ago


...Or els what? Obviously, she knows she's not going to make it through 9th grade, and is looking for a big pay off so she can drop out of school!
She can sue the school district, go to court, and the judge will dismiss her case or award as little as $1., and she will be responsible for lawyer's fees. Which I think she deserves.
Unless she can prove there was malice or she got hurt I don't think she has a case. It happened in front of a whole classroom.
I see more malice in this brat's lawsuit trying to extort the school system, than in what actually happened. This is ridiculous!

837 days ago


The teacher is an idiot, but that is not the point. This girl is such a baby.. a million dollars for being embarassed, she should be embarassed for what she is doing now.

837 days ago


This girl needs some sense slapped into her, she doesn't know what a slap is...i'd like to show her...

837 days ago
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