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Judge Shoots Down CBS

'Big Brother'

Ain't THAT Original

6/15/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Big loss for CBS ... a judge just rejected the network's request to block ABC's new reality show "Glass House" from debuting next week ... over allegations that "GH" is a total "Big Brother" ripoff.

CBS had filed emergency documents, hoping to obtain a temporary restraining order ... which would block ABC from airing the reality show on Monday.  CBS had argued that "Glass House" execs were stealing former "BB" staffers and using "BB" trade secrets to produce a very similar reality competition show.

But the judge didn't see things CBS' way ... telling the court, "CBS seeks to protect the idea of a show of contestants in a house where cameras are running. You can’t copyright that."

The judge added, "I don’t know if 'Glass House' will have any effect on 'Big Brother.'

But the war isn't over yet -- CBS can still move forward with it's case and may be able to shut the show down in the future or get compensation if ABC is ever found to be in the wrong.


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Harveys nemesis    

LIndsey LOhan just hospitalized in Marina Del Ray. Taken to the hospital by amublance. More to come. Possible overdose.

863 days ago


It's official the show isn't that original. Huh

863 days ago


I agree with the Judge. It's ridiculous to say Big Brother is the only show allowed to do that stuff. It's reality tv! Almost everyone has a reality show now.. get over it.

863 days ago


In the last paragraph, the word is "its" not "it's". C'mon journalists....further proof that American education is at its all-time lowest.

863 days ago

Logan R    

Not sure how this is a bad thing. So instead of them just puking out another mediocre season because they were the only game in town, now they have to put a little effort into keeping an audience. Competition will make you better.

863 days ago


CBS fighting ABC over two shows that are both pieces of crap is very, very funny.

863 days ago

Flying Blind    


863 days ago


ABC was so confident going into this lawsuit, it probably hired "My Cousin Vinny" to defend it. This was a no-brainer for the judge.

863 days ago


Now the CBS shareholders need to sue the execs for wasting profits with this bull****. They only sued because Big Brother is produced by one of their executive's wives and her ego got hurt. Definitely not acting in the best interest of the company or the shareholders.

863 days ago


Big Brother was THE iriginal show of all of the knock-offs out there.

What fk'n rock has that judge been hiding under?

863 days ago


CBS is bitching about ripoffs??? Their show, The "Mentalist", is a complete ripoff of "Psych" on the USA Network.

863 days ago


Why did CBS think they have sole rights to such a show. There are tons of reality shows where they copy others on many networks.

CBS thought they could monopolize, instead they should put that money into changing Big Brother, the house, the same old boring games and crap every summer.

Change it up, instead of complain that another network has a similar show that might look better or have a nicer house, or a different platform.

Big Brother has gotten lame over the last several seasons.

863 days ago


Dear CBS, keep the Big Brother contestants off of Amazing Race in the future, please. Also, stop putting that loud mouthed red head and her creepy boyfriend on Big Brother. They ruined it!

863 days ago


Garbage can't be copyrighted haha

863 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

ONE of he most bogus lawsuits of all time. . Mooves has CBS sue ABC for the Glass House, at the same time his ugly wife is on a CBS show, The Talk, which is a 100% Copy of The VIEW. .... . Moonves has NO SHAME. . ...

863 days ago
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