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Antonio Cromartie

I Saved My Mom's House

from Foreclosure!

6/20/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_antonio_cromartie_gettyNY Jets star Antonio Cromartie was able to cut a deal with the Bank of New York and has officially prevented the coin-carriers from snatching up the pad he bought with his mom, TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, the bank sued the footballer for not coughing up $105,381 in missed mortgage payments and wanted to foreclose on the tiny 864 sq. ft. house he bought back in Nov. '06 -- which his mother co-signed for -- in his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida.

But according to new court docs, the bank changed its tune and voluntarily dismissed the case ... which means Cromartie either paid off the debt entirely or worked out a deal to restructure the payments. 

Saving the house wasn't exactly an Everest sized feat ... the Pro Bowler signed a 4-year $32 million contract with the Jets in 2011.

In other Cromartie news -- he still has 10 kids, a slew of baby mamas and 2 more wee ones on the way.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Saved it from foreclosure? First thing any pro-baller would do is buy their moms a house in cash.

668 days ago


the idiot should have never let it get that far...especially if your mamas living there...these bstards make all kinds of money but cant pay their bills....what a dumb azz ole!

668 days ago


For real, why is your Mom in the house in the first place?? Oh wait, most of his cash goes to the mulitple baby mamas.

668 days ago

Harvey's Gerbil    

How the hell is this news?!? You're a professional athlete, you SHOULD be buying your mom a new house PERIOD. Much less allowing her existing house to go into foreclosure. What kind've douche-bag is Cromartie?

668 days ago


10 kids and 2 on the way!! Typical Nl@@ER buy some condoms with that $$$$ or get fixed

668 days ago


SMDH--- My closet is bigger than this entire house 864 Sq ft that cost 105K . What a dummy. With a 32M contract, you would think his mother would be living in a decent size home.

Just pathetic. Goes to show when you lack an education, you can think for yourself.

668 days ago


Saved what from foreclosure--an outhouse. Pathetic!

668 days ago


He needs to be castrated.

Why he hasn't gotten a vasectomy is beyond me.

This is MORON 101

668 days ago


I'm concerned that he may have been sent from the future to prevent mankind's resistance to the machines taking over.

668 days ago


I should hope he did!!!! Geez, give this idiot the son of the year award for sure!!!! (Rolling eyes)

668 days ago


That's why these ghetto fools go broke! How many bastards and how many "baby mommas"? Pluse two more on the way? Get a clue. Marry someone and have a few kids then get it clipped!

668 days ago


He's such a dumb@ss!

668 days ago


Dude, seriously, keep your pants zipped. You could have bought the house outright years ago if you didn't have to pay so much child support.

668 days ago


With 32 million, surely he can afford a nicer place than that for his mother. Hell, my house is bigger than that shack and I don't have nearly the kind of money he does.

668 days ago


10kids and two on the way ?? Is this guy retarded? Is his brain not computing, getting the fact that the are no jobs as it is and overpopulation is killing us. There should be fines for this, its almost a crime to have this many kids. Ruining the future for everyone. The planet could be a paradise with a sustainable number of people.

668 days ago
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