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Chris Brown / Drake Fight

New Victim Comes Forward, Threatens Lawsuit

6/17/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who claims she suffered a gash in her arm that required 12 stitches after she was caught up in the Chris Brown/Drake fight madness has hired a lawyer and plans to sue ... TMZ has learned. 

Javier Solano, a lawyer representing a woman named Lucy Pavlovsky tells TMZ his client was in the VIP section at W.i.P. Nightclub when the fight went down. He says Lucy ducked down when the bottles started flying and didn't notice her arm was cut -- "gushing blood," in her words -- until she was making her way out of the club. 

Solano says Lucy took a cab to the nearest hospital, and got a total of 12 stitches to close up two cuts on her arm -- and also got a tetanus shot.

According to Solano, Lucy was interviewed by NYPD officers on Friday ...who said they were gathering evidence for a possible criminal complaint. 

Solano says Lucy's lawsuit would be against the club -- but hinted Drake and/or Brown could be included, saying ... "At this moment we are exploring all options on who will become a defendant.

He added, "I can assure you that regardless of fame, money or stature, the people responsible will be held accountable."


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Paul B    

I can feel a law suit coming on.....the weavals are coming out of the wood work..

860 days ago


DO IT, DO IT DO IT. SOMEONE has to be held responsible for all these injuries. And I don't understand why nobody was arrested. Did the bottles just jump off the tables and throw themselves?? If it was between Drake and Chris Brown, or their employees, than either of those two should have been arrested.

860 days ago


Drake hits women with bottles but everybody only hates Chris?????? What is that about??

860 days ago


this is getting old tmz

860 days ago


Its really pathetic how all these women from the US are coming forward about to Sue where as the Australian who was hit takes it on the chin and doesn't threaten law suits and what not just is disappointed at the system.

860 days ago


Someone check Ms.Pavlovsky's status she might be an illegal.

860 days ago


Absolutely these people should sue Drake, Chrissy Brown and the club. Brown & Drake should be criminally charged. They are responsible for the criminal hired goons that act at their direction. As for all the dopes here who think these people got what they deserve or should only be able to sue for $200 for stitches & cabfair because they went to the club and they knew rich ghetto n------ were there..... really?

How about next time YOU go to the club me and my friends slice YOU up then give you $200 and cab fair. That would be cool with you?

Everyone involved should be identified and charged and then permanately blacklisted from all NYC clubs.

860 days ago


If this was a regular person they'd already be in jail...but since they have money it's all cool!

860 days ago


All of us adults know that nothing good happens after midnite. I do agree that someone should be held responsible, but also sometimes bad things happen to good people. With that said that doesn't mean you deserve money At the end of the day the club owner should be held responsible for not having effective security.

860 days ago


Like that wasn't going to happen.

860 days ago


Everybody should sue them. Obviously have too much money and no brains.

860 days ago


I hope all these stiched up people buckets of cash! Power to the people!

860 days ago


sue them enough so that white girls aren't interested anymore

860 days ago

Joan K    

I am not surprised that some Brown fn=ans are making idiotic comments and saying these people are just in it for the buck, I hope they sue the ever loving crap out of these dumb azz rappers.To say that the girl was there shaking her butt and that she should expect this is so damned stupid. I wish all rappers would take the Trashians and Lohan and all of the reality show freaks and move to another planet, if only.

860 days ago


what a bunch of sorry ass *****s...throwing bottles like little bitches and then crying and mugging for the cameras. Too bad that one of their sorry asses didn't get would be a lot better off.

860 days ago
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