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Jerry Sandusky

NBC Failed to Air

Damning Molestation Comments

6/19/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky told Bob Costas back in November -- "I didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I've helped."  Yet that damning statement was never aired on NBC, and prosecutors in the molestation case have not played it for the jury.

"NBC Nightly News" aired the statement last night ... As for why NBC didn't air it during the November broadcast, a spokesman told us, "There were a lot of compelling comments in the original interview but we did not have time to include them all." 

As for why prosecutors didn't play Sandusky's statement to the jury ... beats us.

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Why are they using the word "molestation"? All the evidence points to hard core rape of young boys. He's a monster.

855 days ago


I seriously doubt that the prosecutors have the entire unedited interview. The networks fight tooth and nail to keep those undercover. I bet there's lots more incriminatory statments there. Harvey -- go get the unedited footage --

855 days ago


NBC should be pulled from the air, NBC News picks and chooses what it wants to report, they have edited out portions of Zimmermans 911 call, edited portions of Romney's speeches to fit their agenda, now they are hiding comment from a child molester, I guess he is a Liberal campaign donor and don't want to lose his money, they are a joke.

855 days ago


The comment is sketchy and can be misleading. If a jury members were to interpret in different ways like the comments on this blog, that could possibly lead to reasonable doubt. A procecutor wants solid evidence and doesn't want any reasonable doubt when presenting their case.

855 days ago


AHH! the left wing, mainstream media. I can't believe that we actually don't pull the plug on these BRAINLESS MORONS!!! What's twice as bad, these are the idiots trying to get B.O elected...AGAIN. Lets look at the track record this time people, instead of the color, Huh :/ if you want directions to B.O and the bunch... It's LEFT AT THE UNICORN AND RIGHT AT THE RAINBOW, people.

855 days ago


On CNN's front page today:

NBC News, after being subpoenaed by prosecutors, has also provided court officials with transcripts and footage of a Bob Costas interview with Sandusky, according to NBC spokeswoman Amy Lynn.

"I didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I've helped," the former coach told the NBC sportscaster in an interview segment that wasn't part of the November 2011 broadcast but has been aired since.

Sandusky said there are likely "many young people who would come forward and say that my methods and what I had done for them made a very positive impact on their life."

855 days ago


They need to show the interview where his lawyer had to explain his statement where he said something on the lines like '' I Love Little Boy's '' or something like that He's a creep and I hope he gets sent to prison for a long long time.

855 days ago


quiero que me dejes en paz. no me encuentro bien, quiero que salgas de mi casa, quiero llevar una vida normal, no med siento libre desde hace muchisimo tiempo. DEJAME EN PAZ.

855 days ago


As a radio DJ said - from "Penn State" to the "State Penn"

855 days ago


What is up with the i logo in the middle of the page. It blocks out most of the paragraph

855 days ago


yet people say fox news is bad? nbc with this..abc and cbs with the multiple retractions they had to do with the george zimmerman stuff.fox may be bias to conserves but they are no worse than these so called news organizations

855 days ago


NBC has outlived itself with a corrupted staff of producers and equally corrupted reporters paid a lot of money.

We saw it when they edited he Zimmerman/Martin 911 tapes to make it appear different from the truth so they could claim Zimmerman was a racist. Zimmerman is a descendant of WHITE, HISPANIC and BLACK; and he and his wife have tutored BLACK kids. Ignore the crap from the State Prosecutor that does not have a 2nd Degree Murder Case when it was Trayvon trying to kill George (Autopsy supports this).

As for this NBC Story, it is just that: A STORY.

There is no way the viewer can conduct a forensic analysis of anything NBC has in their possession. They have no credibility.

I doubt NBC has anything, but wants to make you think it.

They lie and fabricate for their own gains.

855 days ago


"I didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I've helped."

Simple Semantics. I suggest he meant:

"I didn't go around seeking out every/any young person that I've helped for sexual needs ."

855 days ago


I don't doubt for one minute that NBC left stuff out. They ALL do it. I'm shocked that the prosecution didn't use it to fry his ass though.
No matter, he will hang himself soon enough when he get's on the stand and incriminate himself. I only hope that he gets life without the possibility of parole. I hope that he never again sees the light of day.
What they need to do is open up Alcatraz again. But this time take all the wife beating, child predator/rapists and leave them there to fend for themselves. Air drop some food every month and let them have at each other. Then when they try to leave the sharks can eat them.
How can you be innocent when victim after victim comes forth and says the same thing. But his defense lawyer says that one boy was a troubled youth and a discipline problem so his testimony should not be believed
So just because your kid is a discipline problem he deserves to be raped in a shower??????I thought that his "charity" was to help such kids. That charity was just a way to groom those kids. He used those poor kids so he can molest them without anyone knowing the wiser.

855 days ago


That college failed those victims and now NBC has too.

That could have helped those victims in the trial!

Tired of how many people have protected this sick predator!

855 days ago
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