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Kim Kardashian

Serves Humphries' Ex-GF

With Subpoena in Divorce

6/19/2012 8:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has just served Kris Humphries' ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, with a subpoena in the divorce case ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Myla was in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Kris since mid-January -- something Kris was desperately trying to hide ... to the point his people lied about the relationship.

As for why Kris wanted to cover it up ... sources tell us Kris and his lawyer were worried it would have an impact on the divorce case. We know Kris demanded $7 million from Kim, claiming she devastated him by filing divorce papers. It's hard to say he was devastated when he moved on two months after divorce docs were filed.

Sources say Kim's lawyer wants to know if Kris said anything about his marriage which might relate to his claim Kim defrauded him -- in other words, did he blow his cover during pillow talk. We're told Kim's lawyer also wants details about hundreds of texts and emails exchanged between Myla and Kris.   

Myla's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, accepted service on behalf of Myla.

Tacopina tells TMZ his client will comply with the subpoena.


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826 days ago


This twit doesn't matter in the scheme of proving the kkklan duped Kris H. into a sham wedding. So much of the evidence is caputred on film and came out of the vapid kimmies mouth. They were filming fake Dubai car scenes bashing Kris H., the uber-selfish kim informed her new husband he wouldn't be allowed to move his belongings into her house, she kept all the wedding gifts as if they were meant exclusively for her, and she didn't even include him on the People magazine wedding pic. Most people speculated that the quickie marriage was designed to be part of their crappy reality show, but I don't even think pimpmomager nor little Ryan Seacrest expected her to bail after only 72 days causing the whole sham to blow up, making it undeniable she used the sh** out of Kris H. That is the bottom line in all this. Myla the hotel worker is nothing more than a kkklan desparate distraction that won't make a damned bit of difference. kimmie's future looks bleak, but she's definitely delusional enough not to realize how bad it's going to get...

826 days ago


Honestly it wouldn't shock me to find out that KK hired this girl, from the beginning, to attempt to get him to have a go with her. I still don't see anything strange with a man rebounding after a divorce, especially when he's had to witness his ex travel the world with another guy, and having constant pics of her rubbing it in his face.

826 days ago


She is such a POS!!!! Kris, I hope you didn't blow this! Why oh why did you have to mess with another s-l-u-t?????????????????????

826 days ago


I love how delusional the haters are saying that Kim and Kris J hired the girl. No idiots, the buffoon that you are cheering on is a big stupid dufuss, and that is why Kim left his a**. Losers tend to side with losers and all you losers will be just as shook as him.

826 days ago


OK, my take is you both kim and kris go on with your lives. Kris who cares if you get a divorce. Was this a scam by Kim I do think so. Because low and below look who's knocking on Kim's door after you got married. Kim cannot be trusted ever. She relies on her booty to boot. And you should kick her to the curb. This relationship she is in will go south. She's in it to keep her family in the money. And especially for herself. You guys were just married 75 days. Just go make your money. So many pretty girls out there that have more intelligence in the palm of there hands then she has in her booty which from what I can see is full of crap. She lied to you get over it....You both have created a mountain out of a mole hill. See the forest for the trees and your life will be free.

826 days ago


Kris needs to stop dating hoodrats. Once someone is in the pros, they are targets.

826 days ago


The judge would NEVER give Kris and annulment because he asked her to marry him, not the other way around, and he had the right to back out at any time, and he did not, so he may as well let the whole I was devasted thing go.

826 days ago


Has it occurred to anyone that this gal was probably sent by Kim's peoples to lure Kris Hump to lose in court? Hey...Rich people have money to do bad things you know!

826 days ago


Kris your in the Bigs now, looks like there eating you alive, you better go home to Mom.

826 days ago


wow...they set him up but good..Kris H keep fighting the evil K's...... send kanye a subpeona... lets see what he has to say..

826 days ago


Emails and text several months after they split should have no bearing on Kim KarTRASHian's divorce. She used this man to make money and I hope she pays dearly for it. Please stop giving her attention.

826 days ago


Then are we going to see phone text to the fat ass ho to her mother, sisters, Kane?
How is it that Kim always looks good on KMZ
I mean TMZ
talk about selling out for a price---------------

826 days ago


This just shows how two-faced this girl is. She said so many things trashing the Kardashian family on her twitter and now she wants to help her out? I bet the whole time that was her dream to get in contact with Kim. I feel so bad for Kris, seriously. Why can't FATmire just accept the fact that she was just a rebound?!

826 days ago


Do you guys overuse ellipses like that.... because you don't know, where, commas....go?

826 days ago
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