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House Officially Foreclosed

6/19/2012 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The house belonging to Octomom has officially been foreclosed on.
Octomom Nadya Suleman has just hosed the owner of the house she's living in, because the house officially went back to the bank after a disastrous foreclosure auction.

Amer Haddadin, the man who owned the La Habra home, tells TMZ ... the auction took place this morning, but no one bid on the property, so it went back to the bank.   FYI the opening bid was $355,643 ... but no takers.

So, you ask, how did Octo hose Amer?  Well she wasn't paying the money that was supposed to go toward the monthly mortgage payment, Amer couldn't cover it himself, so he lost the property.

As for Octo, the bank will have to initiate eviction proceedings to kick her and her brood out.



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He deserves it for being stupid enough to rent his house to Octomom.

855 days ago


just ghetto trash...get the doctor who implanted her to support her and these kids he helped create...he is a dead beat dad....she needs to get back to porno

855 days ago


I can't say that I am shocked or surprised, but I feel really horrible for those children. They did nothing to deserve this. Poor babies.

855 days ago


We care why?

855 days ago


wish I could have done it, then drive her kids to foster homes.

855 days ago


no good deed goes unpunished

855 days ago


She hasn't had the best of luck has she ? Her stupidity got her in this mess in the first place for wanting so many children that she couldn't support. Wonder if her dad will welcome her back to his house? Those children are her victims. I am sure the neighbors will be happy when she leaves. What mess.....

855 days ago


STOP THE PRESSES! There goes the TMZ tour bus again..........(This is were Harvey puts his cup to his mouth sucks on his straw, raises the other arm in the air palm up and skips over to the window!)

855 days ago


Throw them all out - kids and all. Now that man's credit is shot because of her.
I would sue her for everything she has and ever hopes to make in the future for destroying my credit.

855 days ago


Meanwhile, she was at Disneyland again on Sunday (per her own statements on her boring azz web show). And she flew to Florida last week for another gag inducing bikini shoot in a too small suit.

855 days ago


Maybe she can move into the Rodney King house. I hear he won't be needing it anymore!

855 days ago


It is all her fault. She did not pay even a dime in almost 12 months! There was no attempt made to even try & keep this house - from the day she moved in she told Radar she wanted a bigger one. Now she claims in a few months she will buy a huge house in a gated community for CASH. I guess it's easy tosave when you SQUAT in a house for a year. No sympathy here. The state can care for her kids if all she wants them for is a photo-op.

855 days ago


She is mentally ill. Many tabloid organizations made a lot of money off of her. TMZ included. They should send all the kids to live with the tabloids. Harvey should have to take in a couple.

855 days ago


she has caused every single problem she has - she has screwed every one who has tried to help her from her parents to dr phil and if she hadn't spent all her money on designer handbags - private schools - disnyland every week - manicures - personal trainers - plastic surgery - she would still have had enuff money to raise those kids - especially if she moved to a cheaper state

855 days ago


While he probably deserves it for being so stupid to rent his house to the octowhore, let's get real here. The real reason he lost the house was because the octowhore just couldn't be bothered to pay him. Since she's now doing whack off videos (having received high 5 figures for it) and will soon be doing porn for real, she's got money; he needs to sue her to regain the money she owes him plus interest & penalties & attorney's fees. She's a train wreck, and someone needs to bloody her nose instead of just giving her a pass...

855 days ago
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