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Ann Curry


6/22/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry $$$.
Ann Curry will get her walking papers from the "Today" show next week, and NBC will pay dearly for its blunder -- because network sources tell us she's under a contract that guarantees her $10 million a year.

Our sources tell us Ann signed a new contract almost a year ago to the day, when she took over as co-anchor of "Today." Under the deal, Ann gets a cool $10 mil, and it's a long-term contract.  We're told she's guaranteed that amount for 3 years.

Network sources tell us ... the likely scenario is that Ann will become a foreign correspondent for NBC News.

Short story ... she'll be the first foreign correspondent who will rake in an amount equal to the gross national product of some of the countries she will cover.


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Keen Eddie    

From reading the reports, it seems as if Ann is being unfairly blamed for the The Today's dismal ratings and her lack of "chemistry" with her co-host Matt Lauer. I don't think people watch the news because they want to see chemistry between the news anchors. Chemistry between two stars I can see in a movie.

820 days ago


Boy...$10 million to leave?? They must really want her gone.

820 days ago


I liked her personality, but her speaking voice was absolutely too low and inaudible. She wasted a lot of my time.

820 days ago

Denis A    

Ann is 5 star. The only reason I tune in is to see her. What a waste to let her leave, money or not. Al Roker and the rest of the crew have used up the rest if their careers.Matt really stinks.Who is Samantha and Natalie? Besides, why do they give so much time to a convicted felon, like Martha Stewart?

My best to Ann Curry!

820 days ago


The producers of the Today show have never gotten it. The success of the show is the format. Real news at 7, then progressively lighter topics as the show wears on. They thought they couldn't live without Bryant Gumbel; or Katie Couric, or whoever. They think they can't live without Matt Lauer. What a crock. The show's lame and tired. I'm sick of Al Roker and his hyperventilating delivery; I'm sick of Matt Lauer and his smug, pretend-journalist demeanor. I didn't like Ann Curry as co-host, but she kind of earned it. Savannah Guthrie isn't going to do any better. I'm sick of them giving a Nobel prize winner 3 minutes, but their sickening, self-aggrandizing segments get at least 20 minutes. I've hated them for years, but didn't have anywhere else to go in the morning, plus I get the local weather at exactly the same time, so it was a format I could count on.

I discovered the BBC news channel in my area, and that's going to be my new morning news show.

820 days ago


so glad she is gone. I couldn't stand watching her. she is terrible at interviews, she never shuts up long enough for the person to answer the question. I don't know why they gave her to co-spot anyway. I hope they give it to Natalie Morales. She is much better.

820 days ago


I really like Ann Curry. I wish I could say that I won't be watching NBC anymore, but I don't watch it anyway. I am sure they will replace her with some twit.

819 days ago


Thats my GIRL!!! Todays version, $$$$$$$, sing a song, Anne.....

819 days ago

Terry Salerno    

Ann Curry is a classy lady and I have watched her for many years. What does it take to keep your job as a host on a show? Should you be loud, obnoxious, and harsh? She will find something even better. Hold your head up Ann -you are great! God Bless!

819 days ago

Larry Calzada    

If NBC is stupid enough to pay any one $10 Million a year to stand there and talk, they should pay the full amount. Maybe then they will reconsider just what these people are really worth.

819 days ago


Ann voice sounds like she a heavy chain smoker

819 days ago

Greg Rosas    

Ann Curry is the only person on the show that has class, looks and talent. she is the real deal no one on that show can hold a candle to her. They will be sorry, they are getting rid of the wrong person. The show needs to change it's format. Ann, good luck.

818 days ago


I think it really sucks what they did to Ann and her replacement I think is the wrong one. These people don't care about anything ut ratings.I will be watching good morning america from now on.

817 days ago


"Short story ... she'll be the first foreign correspondent who will rake in an amount equal to the gross national product of some of the countries she will cover."

Really? What countries would those be?

Sound bite.

817 days ago


She was the bast part of the show abc for me

816 days ago
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