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Karen Klein

I DON'T Accept

the Kids' Apologies

6/22/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karen Klein tells TMZ ... she DOES NOT accept the apologies issued by the kids who taunted her on a NY school bus ... claiming "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children penned letters of apology to the 68-year-old bus monitor ... after the video went viral this week. Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated in the incident.

But Karen and her daughter just called in to "TMZ Live" ... saying they're just not ready to forgive.

Klein also says she has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished.

Klein says she's blown away by the outpouring of support she's received -- and has already come up with a few ideas on how to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars people have donated to her.


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What I'm wondering is... If this video didn't get out, would she still be working there? Is she still working there? If so, why put up with it? I HIGHLY doubt that the only job she can get is a bus monitor. I don't understand why nothing was done about this situation before the video got out. This isn't the first time the a$$hole kids got on this way.. so where is their punishment? And also, where is her authority? It's her job to handle the children and personally I don't think she can do it.. so why she is a bus monitor? Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for the woman and think the little bastards deserve a good ass kicking... but I don't know, the whole thing seems like it could have been prevented.

852 days ago

Open Minded Parent    

I have watched this video and it saddens me. I must first make this clear that I DO NOT think what these kids did to her is right. Not at all. After veiwing this video, it makes me question some of the things that were said, done, and also what wasn't said nor done. To start, this woman was put on that bus for a reason. She was to monitor the students and to make sure they following the rules of the school bus for their safety and the safety of the other riders. She clearly did not show that from the video we have seen. She never used her authority in telling them to stop what they were saying or doing, other then "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all." I even saw that a student or students had put their hands on her (which is clearly not allowed), she didn't even at that point tell them that they are to keep their hands and personal belongings to themselves. Which in doing so those kids had to have not been sitting in their seats correctly. She rather at other points in the video choose to converse with them about other things such as, " I know where you live." and about her belongings and some other sort of things. Keeping that in mind, I do understand that monitors will usually be placed to the rear of the bus and that's because the bus driver can not see and always hear what is going on back there. So many ask why didn't the bus driver do something about it. Maybe because he/she couldn't see or hear it. When it kept going and getting more out of control (after her not putting the breaks on it at the start) when they came to a stop (as it shows on the video) she should have stood up/ or yelled enough for the driver to call it in. She didn't choose to do so. So why didn't she do any of the following? Would this be her same reaction if this was going on or something worse with another student? Now I understand that she would have to respond in a different form then the rest of us, due to her job guidelines. (we all say and think I would have let them have it, and even if some try to say different, you too had it cross your mind) But keep in mind even if she was scared of them or maybe even their parents trying to make her loose her job. Her job is to stop and take control of any issue on that bus and she did not. How ever this video does not show the whole bus trip so I'm only stating what was shown here on this video.
As for the kids involved in this you should be punished for your actions. For all kids that touched her, you assulted her. For the kids that made the threat of using a knife on her, should also be arrested. For all the rest with what was said sadly (it's our 1st amendent right to say what we want) but they should be punished by the school district ( for not following school rules. Since being on a school bus the students are still under the schools guidelines until they get off it , and most of all their parents. She on hand can try and go to civil court for the pain and suffering she got by what was said to her. Regardless on what actions are taken the school district should punish all involved and the parents of the children most certainly need to do something about their kids. For if they don't step in now thoses kids may end up in a life of crime when they are older, since they clearly showed no form of respect.
I can say that I know for a fact my child regardless of age has never and will never do any of what they did to her, for the simple fact that I have taught her to respect others and herself. That is our job as parents. So yes I also put some blame on their parents.
I know there has to be more to this story that hasn't come out yet, because there is too many unanswered questions. Too many rules, guidelines, and laws were broken here. It will come out in end, in do time.

852 days ago


She should have been doing her job. Rather than sitting on her ass.

852 days ago


She had to work, but now I'm glad she can retire and never have to look at the little turds again.

852 days ago


She should let it go. The kids were stupid, but did nothing criminal.

852 days ago


I 'm glad that this situation has gotten so much attention and that people are donating to help her retire. I work at a school and it is a fact that some kids are just mean, and when the parents are contacted, they just make excuses for them. There is a lot of pressure on teachers in regards to test scores, but it is very difficult to teach when dealing with constant discipline issues.

852 days ago


This story has been blown way out of propotion. I mean I guess Stalin's quote really applies "Death of one is a tragedy; death of a million in a statistic".

I agree that those kids needs to be reprimanded. Suspension/being expelled (at the most) but all this talk about jail time is RIDICULOUS and the DEATH THREATS?! Really?

I'm sorry but the last time I check name calling isn't exactly a criminal offense. Rapist victims/murder victims actually get less sympathy than this lady.

And BTW these bullies are the byproduct of society. Kids are being babied nowadays way too much. At school, at home. Parents can't even yell at a kid without being judged. So they resort to bribery. Society don't want to allow spanking or bullying but apparently the same people think jail or death threats are OK.

852 days ago


A ABSOLUTELY believe Karen should use what money us raised for spend as she sees fit. She is talking about donating to charites part of it. I would suggest that she set up a NATIONAL CHILD PROTECTION ORGANIZATION DIRECTED BY A BOARD OF PASSINATE LEADERS that would be rsponsible to for developing an agenda of issues such as bullying, child moestation; drug addiction; etc. goals to address each, They would continue the efforts is raising funds to then branch out with an organization within in state. These boards should be made up top educators from college all the way down to elementary school, Police Inspectors, Churchs, etc. All these folks could then be lobbishists in DC as well as their own State

852 days ago


Give them to Sandusky!

851 days ago


Ok, I get it ... the things those kids said were awful - heartbreaking to see her cry like that. But $500 G's worth? She was on the local news 2 days ago lamenting about the taxes she would have to pay on all that money! Thanks for shining a bright light on the bullying issue but ... I think the 15 minute timer might be running out on this one ... Please!

851 days ago


Hopefully those children received a good ass whooping in the end. Karen should help me out with a mini scholarship 😣

851 days ago


Ugh I am so tried of this story. Yes what those kids did was horrible but guess what this happen all the time in schools and I have seen a lot more disrespect then this. I feel this money people are donating should go to all teachers and facility dealing with bad disrespectfully children. O and just a thought, if this lady is a bus monitor and she been doing this job for 20 + years and she let those kids talk to her like that she probably didn't do anything thing when those kids were bullying other kids. And if the video was of a kid getting bullied and ms Klein was just sitting not doing anything to stop it as a bus monitor she would be the one getting the heat from the public smh

851 days ago


Has anyone else wondered why the Bus driver didn't get involved? How could the driver not hear what was going on? I think the driver should be suspended.

851 days ago


She should apologize to the kid's parents for doing her job. She allowed that bus to get out of hand. She is the adult here and she did not do what she was paid for.

851 days ago


this is messed up a poor lady bus monitor just doing her job and kids make a 68 year old woman cry how dare them childeren inmature kids and karen if ur reading this u are amazing i feel so bad 4 what them kids kid to you yu deserve every penny of that money


im only 12 years old too
and ther like 14 thats sad shame on them

850 days ago
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