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Karen Klein

I DON'T Accept

the Kids' Apologies

6/22/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Karen Klein tells TMZ ... she DOES NOT accept the apologies issued by the kids who taunted her on a NY school bus ... claiming "I think they can do better."

Two of the devil children penned letters of apology to the 68-year-old bus monitor ... after the video went viral this week. Klein also got a letter from the parents of a boy who participated in the incident.

But Karen and her daughter just called in to "TMZ Live" ... saying they're just not ready to forgive.

Klein also says she has a few suggestions about how the kids should be punished.

Klein says she's blown away by the outpouring of support she's received -- and has already come up with a few ideas on how to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars people have donated to her.


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I can't wait until that bald creep Dr. Phil gets his hands on this story. He'll have the bullies on apologizing. Just like the Kathleen Edwards/Jennifer Petkov incident.

822 days ago


excuse me I am a red-headed step child, so your saying I should be beat up in a dark back alley?

822 days ago


Good. Who says that she has to forgive those little brats. I'm sure those PoS kids could care less about apologizing and only did it because their parents FINALLY disciplined them.

822 days ago

It's Dave    

Expel the little monsters from public school. Let their parents pay for private schooling as punishment for not using birth control.

822 days ago


Not surprising she isn't apologizing, she wants to make more money from the trust fund, but the kids were jackasses for doing that.

822 days ago


i'm thinking ppl are taking this way out of proportion, kinda sorta. grandma's attitude is great as far as i can tell & the kids should have to do 100 / 200 hours volunteering at a senior center / nursing home, nothing more, nothing less. one crime, one punishment is what i learned in dcf classes. while how the kids acted wasn't what we want to see in our kids, & was hard to see, the kids were responsible for their behavior and there's no-one to blame - but them! not their parents necessarily. they're kids in a damaged society... Teach Them - don't stone em. Geez what's wrong with you ppl? Namaste

822 days ago


really disgutrined with some of the these comments and replay. shameful of the haters there no reason kids should of DONE THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE. and letters? when you can say mean things like that is nothing they can apologize to her FACE.

822 days ago


I'm fine with her, except the money part. Why on earth does she need money for getting her feeling hurt?? The kids have publically, even if shallowly apologized, she was not hurt, and now she has money for it from strangers??? Not even.

822 days ago


no one should get sued for this....their parents should say they are sorry for their children acting that way as should each child...they older women really shouldn't get paid for this, the school needs to put her on a different bus....maybe when there are children that are in k-5th grade....and the school needs to take action

822 days ago


the only reason the kids apologized is because the video got out. otherwise they would have continued to taunt her. Eventually the kids will taunt someone who won't put up with it and will find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun. typical kids these days. Parents don't care either.

822 days ago


why is she the only one getting money, there are lots of kids all over the country getting bullied and committing suicide and they don't get anything.

822 days ago


I used to get bullied for free when I was younger now old women get paid FML.

822 days ago


I wouldn't accept their apologies either. How long has she been bullied by those kids, before this video came out? If these kids are like this to someone who reminds me of my grandmother, what are they like to other kids? These kids aren't sorry they did this, they're sorry they got caught. Little brats! Their parents should be punished! Children are a reflection of their parents!

822 days ago

Ann A Hole    

These 'children' and their 'parents' should be sterilized immediately. We have reached our allotment of *******s.

822 days ago


You people need to stop complaing about her getting moeny there donation peopel donated to her she can't stop them she can ask i doubt people will stop. You don't like too bad get over it.

822 days ago
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