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Soulja Boy Car Crash

Yeah, I Was Driving ...


6/25/2012 11:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Soulja Boy
is finally admitting he was behind the wheel when his red Bentley got into a car accident Saturday night in Hollywood -- but the rapper insists ... the other driver isn't just at fault ... she's also a giant RACIST.

Soulja just released a video statement on YouTube, claiming the other driver "ran the light. Our light was green. We were going straight. She turned too fast, thought she was gonna make it, hit my car."

He adds, "You know what that was. That was some people trying to come up on some money ... I was going straight in line." Soulja also says the other driver was "racist" and accused him of driving a stolen vehicle.

People close to Soulja previously said the rapper wasn't driving -- his bodyguard was.

As for the Bentley, Soulja said it took the bigger beating in the accident -- and now, it's in the shop getting fixed. Soulja says it'll take about a week to repair.

As we reported, the other driver's husband claims Soulja ran the double line and smashed into their car. The accident is still under investigation.


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the racist would be the piece of sh*t known as soulja boy.

797 days ago


He has been known for being a racist and a complete dumbass. If he had hit the Dalai Lama, he probably would have hurled an "N" word or two at him.

797 days ago


Since just about everyone is a racist or a homphobe, we should automatically make that assumption in cases where someone is gay or black/non-white. Seems its more newsworthy when someone isn't racist or homophobic - but then no one would believe it.

797 days ago


god bless george zimmerman

797 days ago


so if something from my yard gets stolen.and i see a black person walking down the road wtih said item.i shouldnt say anything if i do i be racist

797 days ago

BigDaddy This video shows the lady who hit Soulja Boy's Car. Shocking words were said!!

797 days ago


We need a new law. Everytime a black person calls someone a racist, they get arrested. Jesus H. Christ, dark skinned folk...get rid of that pathetic (but convenient) crutch and you just might be able to get somewhere as a people. I dare you all to go 1 month substituting, not just the word, but your IMPRESSION of whoever you are dealing with and not call them a RACIST, but an a$$h0le. I'd say white people should do the same and avoid the dreaded "n-word"...but since you call yourselves, family and friends that 100 times a is no longer our problem to deal with...but YOURS.

797 days ago


"Soulja also says the other driver was "racist" and accused him of driving a stolen vehicle."

When you hear hoof beats you think horses, not Zebras. You look and talk like a "car jacker"...that's what you get. Comes with bein' nìgga' rich.

797 days ago


Man up punk ass, and quit playing the race card. That's getting old. Man up punk as bitch..

Love, U.S Veteran.

797 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

It's strange that when someone does not agree with a Black person you get tagged as racist.

797 days ago


Soulja boy is a no talent hack, he isn't a real rapper. As soon as the little girls that have a crush on him grow up a little more, they will lose interest and he will disappear from the music scene. Hopefully that happens sooner rather then later.

797 days ago


Dude, your car crossed the double yellow line. Her car did not drag your 2-ton Bentley across the yellow line, into her's.

797 days ago


So it took him 2 days to admit he was the guy behind the wheel. He should have said that immediately. I'm sure the only reason he admitted it is because there were witnesses that saw this. I wonder what he was trying to hide. And now that he had to admit it, he is going down the path of every black that messes up. Pulling the race card. So pathetic when this people do this stuff. And I will even go and say, let's say there is a chance he is innocent, his actions of not admitting he was driving, and the fact he is pulling the race card, everyone already considers him at fault and a loser. He is the real racist !

797 days ago


Haha - got news for ya' - EVERYONE is a racist.

797 days ago


This the same clown who was tellin everyone he ordered a GV Gulfstream ? Poser!

797 days ago
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